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Can I travel to France without being fully vaccinated and no ‘compelling reason’?

Simon Calder answers your questions on getting across the Channel, cancelled flights and flying within the UK

Friday 02 July 2021 21:35
<p>Entering France remains a difficult proposition for UK travellers </p>

Entering France remains a difficult proposition for UK travellers

Q I need to travel to France this month. But seeing as I have only had one vaccine and do not have one of the “compelling reasons” from their short list, how can I get into the country? I am prepared to take tests and quarantine, I just need to get there.

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A The list of compelling reasons allowed by the French government for foreign visitors travelling from the UK is depressingly slim. It includes being a returning resident; a spouse or child of a French citizen; a student enrolled in France; or being in transit for less than 24 hours. But motives such as repairing property or compassionate journeys are not included.

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