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How can we keep costs down on US car hire?

Simon Calder answers your questions on renting vehicles, hotel quarantine, American visas and whether you can indulge in a baguette while travelling on a French train

Friday 26 November 2021 21:30
<p>Road trip: travelling across Florida will be fun but expensive </p>

Road trip: travelling across Florida will be fun but expensive

Q We cancelled a hire car booking for a three-week trip to Florida back in 2020, which was going to cost £680 for an SUV. Now we are replanning the trip for 2022 and hire car rates are through the roof due to a shortage of vehicles at firms, which sold them off to stay afloat during the pandemic. The cost for a three-week trip in the summer of 2022 is now a staggering £1,900 for an SUV, even after significant shopping around. I have made the booking with free cancellation and am hoping to be able to rebook something cheaper next year. Any suggestions for what else we might do?

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A Car rental rates certainly have risen. For my trip to Florida next week, even a small car is going to cost me £75 per day. At that price, £110 per day for an SUV doesn’t look too bad – and I would keep your penalty-free booking live. The soaring rates are a complete reversal of the picture before the coronavirus pandemic, when hiring a car was excellent value with thriving competition.

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