Labour is going green, so why aren’t the Tories?

It might have once been the case that there are ‘no votes in eco’ but we’ve come a long way since then and the Conservatives still don’t seem to have realised it, writes Chris Blackhurst

Saturday 08 October 2022 10:05 BST

The party conference season is over.

Apart from the obvious divergence regarding unity, and lack of it, between Labour and the Tories, there was another notable difference. In his leader’s speech, Sir Keir Starmer stressed repeatedly Labour’s commitment to green causes, to combating climate change. In hers, Liz Truss proclaimed “growth, growth, growth”.

Even when Sir Keir did reference his desire to boost the economy he still did so in the context of the environment, declaring that Britain would become a world leader in the manufacture of renewable energy equipment and technology, and the jobs that would create. Truss’s address was interrupted by demonstrators from Greenpeace, which allowed her to include them in the “anti-growth coalition” intent on holding the country back, a quip that earned her spontaneous applause.

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