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Amber Rose reveals she talks to her nine-year-old son about her OnlyFans account

‘These kids, if they don’t learn from you, they’re going to learn from TikTok and Instagram,’ the actor says

Amber Raiken
New York
Wednesday 08 February 2023 16:00 GMT
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Amber Rose has revealed that she’s talked to her eldest son, Sebastian, about her OnlyFans account.

In Tuesday’s episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast High Low with Emrata, the 39-year-old spoke about her relationship with her nine-year-old child, whom she shares with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

Rose explained how she’s been so open with her son about her personal life and career.

“These kids, if they don’t learn from you, they’re going to learn from TikTok and Instagram,” she said. “Anytime I used the bathroom, and my son was two, three-years-old, he’d be like: ‘Mommy, do you need a tampon? Do you need a pad, mommy? I’ll go in the drawer and get it for you.’ I told him about everything.”

She went on to say why it’s so important for her to be so honest with her son.

“You’re famous,” she added. “Your son, by the time he’s five, he’s going to start Googling you and seeing everything. If you don’t have those conversations.”

Rose shared that after one of Sebastian’s peers mentioned the OnlyFans account to him, she spoke to him about it.

“He said that somebody told him: ‘Your mom is on OnlyFans,’ the model said. “And it was during the pandemic. I had to work… I had a whole conversation with him about it.”

She said she explained to him why it’s important for women to do the work that they want to do.

“Obviously he got it from his parents, he’s a f***ing kid we’re talking about,” she said about her son’s peer. “I just explained everything to him, like when it comes to women, you have to let women do what they need to do to support their families. You want to go to a nice school? Six Flags? Universal? Travel? Mommy has to make money.”

Rose also revealed that Sebastian knows that she was “a stripper years ago” and said that telling him about it made her feel “desensitised”.

The TV personality concluded by saying that her work experiences won’t affect her relationship with her child.

“Ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, when my son is like 20, 30 years old, he’s not gonna be like: ‘Mom I hate you because you were a stripper before I was born,’” she added. “It’s just the dumbest s***. I don’t understand how people think it’s a big deal.”

Along with Sebastian, Rose has a three-year-old son, Slash, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Alexander Edwards.

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