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Mother accidentally hired stripper dressed as Barbie for child’s fifth birthday party

“She played along. She did not take off her clothes”

Brittany Miller
New York
Tuesday 08 August 2023 18:03 BST
Barbie teaser trailer

A woman has shared the hilarious story of her mother’s hilarious mistake at her fifth birthday party: hiring a Barbie impersonator who turned out to be a stripper.

In a now-viral video on TikTok, Julia Duggan, who goes by the username @joolia_go0lia, explained that the new Barbie movie reminded her of her own Barbie-themed party years ago.

“My mom said she hired someone from the phone book because I’m 700 years old,” Duggan said. “And back then you just looked in the phone book for entertainers.” She said all her mom saw was the words “entertainer” and “Barbie” so she thought that would be perfect for the party.

The hired entertainer ended up being a stripper. Thankfully she “played along”, Duggan said in the TikTok. “She did not take off her clothes. I followed her around, thrilled that Barbie came to my birthday party, and all of the parents there had a really good laugh.” In an interview withToday, she said this version of Barbie showed up in a bikini top and a grass skirt with really long blonde hair.

“I just remember holding her hand and walking around,” Duggan said. “I was starstruck." She didn’t end up learning the truth about the entertainer until she was in high school and her mother shared the story as they looked at old family photos. “We were looking at old photos before we moved, and I was like, ‘Uh, what kind of Barbie did you hire for my birthday party? Interesting choice,’” Duggan recalled. “And my mom was like, ‘Oh, it’s an interesting story.’”

At the end of her TikTok Duggan said she wished she had the photos or receipts to show her viewers but her mom was still in the process of trying to hunt them down. “I’m still waiting for proof from my mom,” she said. “I swear this happened.”

Duggan later posted a second part to the video on TikTok with a caption that read “I have made my mom so stressed trying to look for these.” She showed screenshots of a texting conversation she had with her mother begging her more than once to locate the photos of the stripper Barbie that showed up to the birthday party. “You’ve gotta look for pics of stripper Barbie - 130K people are invested,” one text to her mom read.

Unfortunately, her mom was not successful. “I don’t remember seeing them. A lot of my photos got damaged when the basement flooded,” her reply read. But Duggan tried one last time with one more text. “If you don’t find stripper Barbie pics I’m going to be cancelled by the internet,” her last plea read. “I could not have anticipated the interest.” Still, her mom could not find them. “Honey I looked!” her reply began. “There are many photos missing.”

People in the comments section were still able to relate to this accidental parenting mistake without photographic evidence. “My mom accidentally ordered the spice channel in place of a Spice Girls concert on pay per view once,” one commenter wrote. “My mom accidentally served a rum cake at one of my parties when I was kid,” another comment read.

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