Katy Perry addresses fan theories about her ‘paralysed’ eye

Some social media usuers joked the singer was actually a robot

Saman Javed
Friday 28 October 2022 07:31 BST
Katy Perry surprises fans
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Katy Perry has cleared up fan conspiracy theories after a video that went viral on social media.

During a performance at her Las Vegas residency, the “ET” singer’s eye appeared to “glitch” .

Viewers of the video noticed that, at one stage, one of her eyelids was firmly closed. The singer could be seen touching her hand to her temple, which prompted her eyelid to reopen.

Perry repeated the motion twice.

The video, which was shared to TikTok earlier this week, has been viewed more than 19 million times. It sparked a flurry of reactions from fans, some of whom speculated that the singer was in fact a “malfunctioning” robot.

Perry has now put the rumours to rest, sharing that the “glitch” is in fact one of several party tricks she uses during the performance.

In a post to Instagram on Thursday (27 October), she reshared the viral video and poked fun at the theories that had emerged over the past week. She also announced that her Las Vegas residency would return in 2023.

“Welcoming all my #flatearthers#spaceisfakers#birdsarentrealers#skyisntbluers to come see my broken doll eye party trick IRL in Vegas next year!” Perry wrote.

“The show’s set list is a fun [rollercoaster] through memory lane going all the way back to 2008, a time when we weren’t all frozen by the paranoia of our own echo chambers!”

Shedding light on some of the other tricks she uses during the performance, Perry added: “This show is a nonstop party about finding unconditional love and strangely (for me) not political at all, heck I pour beer out of my tits (that’s a party trick too… I don’t actually lactate hops silly goose!).

“Hope to sing along with you in 2023! And we’ll drink, this one’s on me, cause we’re all #chainedtothealgorithm #therealproblemlolhaha.”

Perry’s explanation was well-received by fans, some of whom continued to joke that she might be a robot.

“I guess this proves without a shadow of a doubt that you are a robot!” one person wrote.

Another said: “Clone, Robot, or MK Ultra electroshock side effects. Yep, most of y’all don’t want to acknowledge the truth.”

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