Drew Barrymore defends Sex and the City’s controversial Post-It note breakup: ‘Maybe Berger had it right’

Infamous season six moment saw Carrie Bradshaw get dumped by her boyfriend via Post-It note

Meredith Clark
New York
Friday 28 July 2023 17:03 BST

And Just Like That season 2 trailer

Drew Barrymore has shared her shocking defense of one of Sex and the City’s most controversial breakups ever.

This week, the self-proclaimed Sex and the City “superfan” made a cameo as herself in the latest episode of And Just Like That season two, which airs Thursdays on MAX. In the newest episode of the And Just Like That... The Writer’s Room podcast, director Michael Patrick King recalled that Barrymore stepped on set and asked: “Can I just say one thing?”

Her answer was surprising.

In the infamous season six episode of Sex and the City, which aired back in 2003, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker is dumped via Post-It note by then-boyfriend Jack Berger, played by Ron Livingston. The message read: “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.”

While filming her brief appearance on set of the Sex and the City spinoff, Barrymore revealed why she believes Berger’s bitter breakup wasn’t so bad afterall. “Everybody looked at her and she said: ‘Maybe Berger had it right. If you’re gonna break up with someone, just say, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t. Don’t hate me.’ Don’t drag them through weeks of indecision,’” King recalled on the podcast. “She was like: ‘I just want to say, as painful as it was, maybe Berger was an emoji.’”

King explained how the Drew Barrymore Show host “went as far as to say there should be a Post-It emoji that says, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t. Don’t hate me,’ that people could just send” when they want to call it quits.

The director later praised Barrymore as “great, so much fun and a delight to be around”.

Carrie gets dumped via Post-It note

This isn’t the first time the Charlie’s Angels star has shared her unpopular dating opinions. Barrymore, who recently said she’s dating again after being single for six years, previously admitted to loving her “boring” sex life. Unlike most people, the Hollywood actor also revealed why she believes “bad” dates are awesome.

In the latest episode of And Just Like That, which dropped on MAX on 27 July, Barrymore filmed a segment on the real set of her CBS talk show, where Anthony’s, played by Mario Cantone, bread company was being featured.

The new installment also featured another ex of Carrie’s past, her former fiancé Aiden Shaw, played by John Corbett. In season three of the original HBO show, Carrie meets Aiden following her second breakup with Mr Big, played by Chris Noth, before cheating on Aiden with none other than Big himself. Later in the season, Carrie and Aiden rekindle their romance and he proposes. But Carrie calls off the engagement after running into Big once again, who tells her that she’s not “the marrying kind”.

When Carrie runs into Aidan in season six, she learns he has a wife and son. She eventually goes on to marry Mr Big, after years of on-again, off-again tensions.

The way they were: Corbett and Parker in the third season of ‘Sex and the City'

While speaking about Aiden’s return in the And Just Like That... The Writer’s Room podcast, King teased that there may be more to Carrie and Aiden’s newfound romance in the Sex and the City reboot.

“We have tricks up our sleeves as to how he is new and what we can actually do with his story line, considering - and it’s a very big consider - all the water under the bridge, all the pain they’ve already been through and how hard Carrie has hurt him in the past,” King said.

Following news of Aiden’s return, some fans were ecstatic at the rekindled romance but others were not as convinced. “I loved Carrie and Aiden, but I don’t know how I feel about this. Maybe third time’s the charm,” one person said, while another fan simply wrote: “Toxic, toxic, toxic.”

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