Ryan Gosling reveals his children have a very cute nickname for Emily Blunt

Blunt played Mary Poppins in the 2018 movie Mary Poppins Returns

Brittany Miller
New York
Tuesday 23 April 2024 21:57 BST
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Ryan Gosling has opened up about his children’s fascination with Emily Blunt.

On Tuesday 23 April, the duo appeared on The Today Show to talk about their latest movie The Fall Guy about a stunt performer, played by Gosling, who has a crush on his director, played by Blunt.

During the interview, Gosling explained what his children thought about their father working with Blunt. He has two children – Esmeralda Amada, nine, and Amada Lee, seven – that he shares with his wife Eva Mendes.

“My kids call her Mary Poppins,” Gosling said, mentioning one of Blunt’s movie roles, which saw her play Mary Poppins in the movie Mary Poppins Returns. “‘You’re working with Mary Poppins today?’ Yes I am.”

The appreciation for the co-stars also extended to Blunt’s two children with actor John Krasinski, nine-year-old daughter Hazel and seven-year-old daughter Violet. According to Blunt, here children are just as obsessed with Gosling for his role as Ken in the Barbie movie.

“They love him so deeply. Actually, my oldest one – it’s the first movie she has expressed any interest in, and it has nothing to do with me. It’s all about Ryan,” the Oppenheimer actress said.

Gosling was shocked to hear this news, replying: “Oh my God.”

“I think it’s Ken really,” he continued, joking about his role.

“They were very interested in, like, fascinated [by] what his hair looks like in real life. That was a question I got a lot,” Blunt added.

Recently, Blunt and Gosling appeared in a skit on Saturday Night Live, which played homage to Gosling’s Ken character.

During his opening monologue, he explained that he would do his best to not talk about it because he “broke up” with the character after going “too deep”. But, he just couldn’t help it as he began to sing a rendition of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well”, replacing the lyrics with his own love letter to playing Ken.

“I shredded Venice Beach is true / My clothes were tight / But something about that spandex felt so right / I left my rollerblades in that big pink house / But I still got that fur coat and I’ll wear that right now,” he sang, before putting on the floor-length white fur coat he wore in the Barbie film.

Blunt then interrupted and cut off Gosling’s song and told him to “move on” from the character.

“You’re singing about Ken again,” she said, referencing Gosling’s performance of “I’m Just Ken” at the Oscars in March.

“Look here, you’re Kenning right now, and I hate that’s even a verb. I resent that. Take the fur coat off. You’re embarrassing yourself,” Blunt started to tease him. “Guys, I don’t mean to be harsh, but Ryan, you have to move on. It’s time. Ken’s dead. All right, Ken is dead.”

Gosling then countered by asking if Blunt missed her role playing Kitty in Oppenheimer, which came out on the same day as Barbie. The pair reminisced about their history-making films and suddenly they were both singing another rendition of “All Too Well” together.

“We were Kitty and Ken / I wish you could have seen us / You were loyal to the end / And your guy had no penis,” Gosling and Blunt sang. “Must confess / We’re a mess to impress / Now it’s time to wish Ken and Kitty both of them farewell.”

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