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Concertgoers asked Sandra Oh to take their picture during Taylor Swift Eras Tour without realising who she was

‘I would’ve handed her my phone and said ‘Will you be my person,’’ one viewer says

Olivia Hebert
Los Angeles
Wednesday 30 August 2023 02:30 BST
Sandra Oh makes emotional speech after winning SAG award for Killing Eve

Two women revealed that they asked Sandra Oh to take pictures of them at Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour, but didn’t realise that it was her until after the fact.

“I will never ever get over this,” one of the women, Neen (@secondhandshroom), captioned her viral TikTok video. In the video, a live photo is shown of someone taking a picture of Neen and a friend at the concert.  “Asking a super nice lady to take our picture at the bottom of our section before the Eras Tour,” Neen wrote in the text overlay.

The video then cut to the next clip showing several Google images of Oh in her medical scrubs as her famous Grey’s Anatomy character. Neen continued to write, “She looks so much like Cristina Yang from [Grey’s] Anatomy!”

The video has since been viewed over seven million times. The girls later received confirmation that Oh was in fact the kind photographer after the Killing Eve actress posted a selfie of herself enjoying the concert. She captioned the Instagram post: “Me and my fave Swifties!”

Viewers took to the comment section to express their disbelief and shock that the girls hadn’t recognised the Emmy-winning actress. One user commented “YOU MET SANDRA OH?? AND YOU LITERALLY DIDNT EVEN KNOW OH MY GOD.”

“BRO Y’ALL DIDNT KNOW SANDRA OH????” another added, while someone else wrote: “No way did you just brush past the fact it was Sandra Oh like oh my god. The dream.”

Neen replied to a comment, explaining: “We didn’t realise until she was taking our photo and then we were way to scared to ask in case we were wrong.”

Meanwhile, others were downright jealous that Neen and her friend had met one of their favourite actresses. “I would literally cry,” someone wrote.

“OH MY GOD,” another exclaimed with crying emojis. “YOU GOT TICKETS AND MET SANDRA! HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE GOD’S FAVOURITE!!??”

“I would’ve handed her my phone and said ‘Will you be my person,’” one jokingly wrote, in reference to Grey’s Anatomy.

Others deduced that Sandra Oh likely found it refreshing not to be recognised as anonymity becomes a luxury when you so happen to have starred on one of the most popular shows on television.

“I’m sure she was happy to be treated like a fan and not a celebrity,” one viewer wrote, while another remarked that the concertgoers “probably made her day just treating her like a regular person”.

Some viewers remarked that this reminded them of another viral celebrity interaction in which a celebrity took photos for fans and went unrecognised. Victoria Pedretti - best known for her roles on Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House and You - had a similar situation occur to her. In another viral TikTok video posted by user @aleesuhh, Pedretti was seen trying to capture the perfect picture for the couple.

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