Couple shares tips for throwing a ‘sensory-friendly’ wedding

A couple with autism and ADHD shared on TikTok how they made their wedding sensory-inclusive

Meredith Clark
New York
Thursday 10 February 2022 21:04 GMT

If weddings are meant to celebrate a couple’s love for each other, then the experience should perfectly reflect a couple’s needs and wants. Weddings are known to be grand, loud, and often overwhelming celebrations, but not every celebration needs to be.

Ramona Jones, who is autistic and uses she/they pronouns, shared how they incorporated sensory-friendly elements into their special day. In the video, which has over 12 million views on TikTok, Jones listed some helpful tips to ensure comfortability, such as hosting the venue at a quiet familiar location, and wearing ear plugs throughout the day. Jones got dressed for the wedding at home with friends, while taking quiet breaks in between. After the ceremony, Jones and their partner Aaron — who has ADHD — took a calming walk around the garden.

For their post-nuptial festivities, the couple hosted a picnic outside with 16 guests to diffuse noise, and sat on the end of the table to avoid feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable eye contact. The wedding ended at 4pm, but the couple enjoyed a cosy night in with a candlelit takeaway dinner in the library.

Commenters were so impressed by Jones’s sensory-friendly wedding. “Heck that sounds like a great wedding in general,” said @mehamurmurs. “Even without sensory issues weddings are overwhelming.”

Others with similar experiences found Jones’ tips to be super helpful for their own wedding planning. “I’m getting married and my daughter is three years old and ASD,” said @ohchelyeah, whose daughter is on the autism spectrum. “I’ve been on edge as to how to help her be a part of it!!”

After receiving such positive feedback, Jones took to the comments to share some more ways they incorporated sensory-friendly elements into their wedding. The food at the wedding was buffet-style, so guests could eat what they were comfortable with. Jones also set up outdoor games and activities to take off social pressure, ordered non-alcoholic drinks, and switched to comfy shoes immediately. “Only wish I had sunglasses because the reflections off the table and dress were too much,” they commented.

Weddings can be a stressful event, but including sensory-inclusive elements to the party ensures that everyone has a fun time.

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