Tristan Thompson apologises to Kylie Jenner years after Jordyn Woods infidelity scandal

‘I am in a place now where I can own up to the mistakes I’ve made,’ athelete says

Amber Raiken
New York
Thursday 09 November 2023 17:26 GMT

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Tristan Thompson has apologised to Kylie Jenner for his infamous cheating scandal involving her former best friend, Jordyn Woods.

In a trailer that aired at the end of the latest episode of The Kardashians, which came out on 9 November, Khloe Kardashian speaks to her ex about the way he treated her when they were dating. “In this family, if you do something to one of us, it affects everyone,” she told him in the preview of the next episode, which airs on 16 November.

The clip goes on to show Thompson reflecting on his past, as he was unfaithful to Kardashian multiple times throughout their on-and-off relationship, including an incident in 2019 when he allegedly kissed Woods.

“I am in a place now where I can own up to the mistakes I’ve made,” he said, before the preview showed the athlete going to Jenner’s house. Ahead of the interaction, the 25-year-old model makeup owner said that she felt “a little nervous” about seeing Thompson.

During a preview of their one-on-one conversation, Thompson addressed how Jenner was impacted by his cheating scandal. “Everyone got affected differently, you know,” he told her. “But I think you were affected the most.”

The NBA star first started dating Kardashian in 2016, two years before they welcomed their now-five-year-old daughter, True. However, days before True was born, Thompson allegedly cheated on the Good American founder.

Kardashian and Thompson reconciled their relationship after True’s birth, before he was allegedly unfaithful again, this time with Woods in 2019, which was documented during season 16 of Keeping Up With The Kardashian. While the former couple later decided to give the relationship a shot again, they officially split in December 2021 when court documents revealed that the athlete had fathered a baby with personal trainer Maralee Nichols.

Although the former couple welcomed their second child – Tatum – via surrogate in August 2022, Kardashian previously said they were already in the process of having another baby before Thompson’s 2021 paternity scandal was revealed.

While Jenner decided to end her friendship with Woods after the 2019 cheating scandal, the former friends have appeared to have moved on. During the 2021 Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion, Kardashian specified that she has “forgiven” Woods, while clarifying that it’s “a huge misconception” that she’s only forgiven Thompson.

“I don’t have any grudge against Jordyn,” she said. “I think people make mistakes, people live, and they learn and I forgive both parties. How could I forgive Tristan and not Jordyn? That sounds asinine in my opinion.”

Meanwhile, Jenner revealed that she spoke with Woods after the cheating scandal, before describing how the incident ultimately shaped their friendship.

“Jordyn and I did have a talk after that,” she said. “When we were friends, we never thought that we wouldn’t be friends. It was kind of an overnight thing, and, you know, when she did something to my family, it felt like she did something to me.”

Earlier this year, Jenner and Woods publicly reunited for the first time, four years after their friendship appeared to end over the infidelity scandal. In July, the Daily Mail published photos of the duo hanging out with a group of friends at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles.

Elsewhere in the latest promo for The Kardashians, Khloe’s older sister Kourtney Kardashian also had the opportunity to speak to Thompson about his past behaviour. “On a scale of one to 10, how scared are you?” she asked him. In a confessional interview, she also added: “Tristan and I really have not connected. And I just can’t fake it.”

During her one-on-one conversation with the athlete, she asked him if he “felt anything”, before he clarified that “when [he] cheats,” he feels “disgusted the next day”. The Poosh founder responded: “Then why do you do it again?”

In a previous episode of The Kardashians, which aired on 2 November, Kourtney also admitted she and her daughter Penelope – who she shares with ex Scott Disick – are not fond of Thompson.

“I feel like she gets it from me,” Kourtney said about her 11-year-old child. “I told her the first day of school, I was like so triggered by him, and I didn’t know why.” A producer then chimed in to say:  “You know why,” referring to Kardashian’s history with the NBA star.

“I feel like we all brush it off and are fine, and then I was just so triggered and I was like: ‘I just can’t do it anymore,’” Kourtney said.

During a confessional interview, Kourtney continued to critcise Thompson’s behaviour while he was with Khloe. “Tristan has made horrible decisions and choices with my sister,” she said. “There’s times when I’m so triggered by him I can’t be around him and then there’s times when I just let it go because we just want harmony and, you know, he’s the father of my niece and nephew.”

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