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TikToker mocks Zillow listing for ‘party house’ with urinals in kitchen

‘If you’re drinking so much you cannot take 30 seconds to relieve yourself in the bathroom, then you’re drinking too much,’ the woman said on TikTok.

Amber Raiken
New York
Friday 30 December 2022 23:41 GMT
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A TikTok user has mocked a recent listing on Zillow, which showed a house that had two urinals in the kitchen.

In a video posted to TikTok earlier this month, a woman who goes by the username @zillowtastrophes shared screenshots of a listing in Ferndale, Michigan, which she described as “a party house”. As noted in the video, the home was being sold for $165,000 and had three bedrooms and one bathroom in it.

The woman began by showing photos of the kitchen, which she said looked “really nicely updated at first glance”. However, she said that once she looked at other images of the space, she noticed a few things in there that made it seem like the house was a space for a party.

“But what’s this we have on the other side of the room? We have a nice bar with a keg tap,” she said. “On the other side of the bar, in the kitchen, are two urinals. Yes, urinals in the kitchen.”

As shown in the photo, the two white urinals could be seen attached to and underneath a kitchen island.

The TikToker went on to make fun of the space, explaining: “I have a lot of thoughts about the single urinal, but the fact that there are two urinals. I’d want to have like a permanent step stool.”

She then jokingly sent a message to the men at this “party house,” if they opt to use the kitchen’s urinals.

“Gentleman, if you’re drinking so much that you cannot take 30 seconds to relieve yourself in the bathroom, then you’re drinking too much,”she said.

The woman proceeded to show images of the bathroom, as she described the toilet as “some masonic temple throne”. She then noticed that there was also another keg tap behind the toilet.

“You could stand here all day drinking and peeing,” she said.

She then showed a photo of the shower and joked that the homeowner wouldn’t let people be in there “without having access to an ice cold beer”.

@zillowtastrophes continued her bit by showing photos of the bedrooms and basketball courts. She also joked about how there weren’t keg taps in these spaces, saying: “That’s a lot of time that you don’t have instant access to beer.”

She then noted how a random platform in the living room was considered “stadium seating,” according to the listing’s description, before sending a message to people who may have partied in this house.

“If you live in Ferndale, Michigan and you’ve been to a party at this house, you have to let me know,” the TikToker concluded. “I need all the details.”

As of 30 December, the video has more than 2.2m views, with TikTok users agreeing that the space looks like a place for parties.

“This is absolutely a frat house,” one wrote, while another added: “Like... every room is for beer and peeing.”

A third said: “Idk it’s screaming a different kind of party than a frat party to me.”

Other viewers also made jokes about the two urinals.

“I respect the twin urinals,” one wrote. “It means they doubled down on the concept.”

“Could you imagine the microscopic urine spray in the kitchen, every time it flushes,” another added.

It appears that Zillow has since updated the listing on its site. The house is now up for rent for $1,700 a month. It was initially sold for $169,420 on 15 December.

According to the pictures on the listing, the kitchen may have also been updated, as the urinals aren’t there anymore. They seemed to have been replaced by graphics of horses.

The Independent has contacted @zillowtastrophes for comment.

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