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Boris Johnson news – live: PM challenged over NHS funding plan as Labour attacks ‘billionaires’ manifesto’

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Andy Gregory
Sunday 24 November 2019 14:55 GMT
(REUTERS/Phil Noble)

Boris Johnson faced scrutiny as he launched the Tory manifesto over its lack of a long term plan for social care, with the party’s commitment of £1bn a year having already been announced in September.

The document, titled “Get Brexit Done, Unleash Britain’s Potential”, also promises £1bn for primary schools to develop after-school and holiday childcare.

His pledge of “50,000 more nurses” led to accusations of “deceit”, as it turned out to include 18,500 existing nurses hopes to convince not to leave the workplace.

The PM also stumbled when quizzed on the Tories' fake fact checking debacle, stuttering incoherently before turning a series of metaphors about croutons, minestrone and the Bermuda Triangle into an attack on Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit stance.

Nigel Farage welcomed the manifesto, particularly on immigration, and claimed he recognised many of the ideas within it, as they resembled many of Ukip’s in the 2015 election.

Jacob Rees-Mogg was the only cabinet member not in attendance at Telford, continuing his conspicuous absence ever since he questioned Grenfell victims ”common sense” in following official advice.


Hello, and welcome to The Independent's live coverage of the day's political happenings, with 18 days to go until the general election.

Andy Gregory24 November 2019 08:42

Labour pledges £58bn to compensate women hit by pension age rise

Labour has pledged to compensate nearly 4 million women who lost out on thousands of pounds when the state pension age was increased, Peter Stubley reports.

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, said the payments – estimated to total £58bn over five years – would settle a “historical debt of honour”.

Andy Gregory24 November 2019 08:57

McDonnell faces scrutiny over Scottish IndyRef2 date and tax plans

The shadow chancellor said he would not expect an independence referendum in Scotland in "the first two or three years" of a Labour government.

"We've got to address the priorities, the real issues facing our community," he told Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

Asked if he would put money on Labour winning the election, he said: "I've given up on gambling. It was one of my new year resolutions. But we're going to win."

Facing tough questioning on his tax plans, McDonnell urged voters to read his new document called "Funding Real Change".

Andy Gregory24 November 2019 09:02

Boris Johnson: 'Time to turn the page from the dither, delay and division'

The PM is gearing up for the Tory manifesto launch with a very on-brand display of alliteration and national pride.

Andy Gregory24 November 2019 09:11

Excl: Lib Dems targeting big Brexit beasts like Dominic Raab, says Jo Swinson

The Liberal Democrats have set their sights on taking out some of the big beasts of Brexit including foreign secretary Dominic Raab in the general election, leader Jo Swinson tells The Independent's Andrew Woodcock.

Internal polling for the pro-EU party suggests “seismic” shifts in Remain-backing seats suddenly making the Lib Dems competitive in swaths of London and its commuter belt which have been Conservative for decades, including constituencies like Mr Raab’s Esher and Walton.

Referring to the surprise defenestration of then-cabinet minister Michael Portillo, which was the highlight of many people’s election night in 1997, Ms Swinson said: “We could be in a situation where people are asking each other ‘Did you stay up for Raab?’”

Andy Gregory24 November 2019 09:16

Sajid Javid addresses triple tax lock and boasts 'most detailed, most transparent costings in British electoral history'

Discussing a promise not to raise national insurance, income tax and VAT with Sky News' Sophy Ridge, the chancellor said voters "can be absolutely certain of that" pledge.

"We will set out today, alongside our manifesto published at exactly the same time, a very detailed costings document," Mr Javid said.

"It will take every additional cost that is in our manifesto, whether it is tax or anything else, and we will set out exactly how we're going to fund it for the lifetime of the parliament.

"It will, in fact, be the most detailed most transparent costings that have ever been published in British electoral history by any party, and everyone will be able to see that for themselves."

Here's Andrew Woodcock with more details on the Tory manifesto:

Andy Gregory24 November 2019 09:21

Sturgeon dismisses Labour's hardline stance on IndyRef 2 and says Trident is 'red line'

Nicola Sturgeon has given Labour's stance on a second independence referendum short shrift, moments after John McDonnell reiterated his party would not grant a section 30 order for IndyRef2 within "the first two or three years" of taking power.

She said the shadow chancellor’s was not an acceptable position: "The question of if there is a referendum and the timing of that is down to the Scottish parliament to decide, not Westminster."

Ms Sturgeon told Sophy Ridge that given the chance to form a minority government, “are Labour really going to turn their back on the chance to stop austerity, welfare cuts, get rid of universal credit just because they want to block the right of the Scottish people to decide their future?

“I think the reason Jeremy Corbyn is getting into a mess with this, with his position changing all the time, is actually he knows within himself that the only democratically defensible position” is to let Scotland hold another vote.

Andy Gregory24 November 2019 09:43

Jo Swinson grilled over history on austerity and dwindling poll support

The Lib Dem leader is talking to Andrew Marr, who, in the face of Ms Swinson's recent climbdown from her prior assertion that she could become PM, asked her: "It's not gone very well so far, has it?"

Ms Swinson also defended her voting history, saying she was subject to collective responsibility as a minister, claiming: “I was fighting every single day, and I’m still fighting for the things I believe in.”

Andy Gregory24 November 2019 09:55

Angela Rayner and McDonnell's tax claims vary

The shadow education secretary and shadow chancellor have both been grilled on claims that Labour's tax plans could hit "the 95 per cent" earning below £80,000.

The Times' deputy political editor points out the contrasting answers given this morning.

Ms Rayner also refused to answer a "hypothetical" question over whether Labour would campaign for their own Brexit deal.

Andy Gregory24 November 2019 10:04

Swinson says Lib Dems 'not conceding yet'

Jo Swinson has again claimed she would not do a deal that put either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10, saying: "But if there is a law in parliament that I can vote for that makes sure the Brexit deal is put to the public, with the opportunity to Remain, I will vote for that".

Andy Gregory24 November 2019 10:11

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