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Michelle Troconis found guilty on six counts in Jennifer Dulos murder case

Michelle Troconis, 49, pleaded not guilty and denies any involvement in Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance and death

Andrea Cavallier,Julia Reinstein
Saturday 02 March 2024 21:03 GMT
Michelle Troconis found guilty

Michelle Troconis has been found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.

After 12 hours of deliberation over the past three days, the jury found Ms Troconis guilty on all six counts Friday.

Jurors were tasked with deciding whether the 49-year-old conspired with her former boyfriend Fotis Dulos to kill his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos, in Connecticut on 24 May 2019, and cover up the crime.

During closing arguments, prosecutors described Jennifer’s murder as “deliberate and intentional” and said that Troconis and Dulos “worked to make this happen”.

Jennifer’s body has never been found, but she has been officially declared dead – with police finding that she died a violent death at the hands of Dulos.

In January 2020, Fotis died by suicide after being charged with her murder.

Troconis pleaded not guilty and insisted she did not know Fotis was doing anything nefarious as she watched him toss garbage bags into random bins, or as she helped him write up a timeline of their whereabouts on the day Jennifer disappeared.


After 27 days of testimony, Michelle Troconis’ trial nears the end

The 49-year-old will appear in court today for closing arguments as her murder conspiracy trial comes to a close.

Ms Troconis’ trial began in early January and after 27 days, is expected to end this week.

Following closing arguments, jury deliberations could start as early as this afternoon.

Here’s what has been happening:

Closing arguments in the Michelle Treconis trial to begin on Tuesday

Nearly five years after Jennifer Dulos vanished without a trace, her late ex-husband’s lover Michelle Troconis will soon learn her fate for her alleged role in the case. Andrea Cavallier explains the key takeaways from her seven-week trial in Stamford, Connecticut

Rachel Sharp27 February 2024 12:42

Here’s what to expect during closing arguments

Both the prosecution and the defence will each get one hour for their closing arguments on Tuesday.

Court is expected to start at 10am.

The prosecution goes first and can opt to split up its argument.It’s followed by the defence who will present its entire closing. The prosecution can then speak again if time remains in their hour.

The jurors will then be given instructions before beginning deliberations.

A jury of six people, rather than 12, will determine Ms Troconis’ fate. This is because she is not charged with a Class A felony (murder). Instead she faces conspiracy to commit murder.

Rachel Sharp27 February 2024 13:00

Jennifer Dulos’ five children watch grandmother testify

Gloria Farber, Jennifer’s mother, took the stand as the state’s final witness.

Her five grandchildren, who were orphaned after Jennifer’s disappearance and presumed death and Fotis’ suicide, have been living with Ms Farber and their nanny in New York City.

The children were in the courtroom for the first time as they watched their grandmother on the stand. Her testimony only lasted 10 minutes.

Jennifer Dulos’ mother, Gloria Farber, testifies during Michelle Troconis’ trial at Connecticut Superior Court in Stamford

Ms Farber testified that the mother of five had “never” missed one of her children’s birthdays or “name days,” which is a Greek tradition.

The testimony appeared to take aim at defence attorney Jon Schoenhorn’s argument that Jennifer left on her own, a theory Fotis reportedly claimed she had done in the past.

Rachel Sharp27 February 2024 13:32

Michelle Troconis included intimate detail in ‘alibi scripts’

Documents dubbed “alibi scripts” by police found at the Farmington home of Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis were read in court on 24 January.

Three photocopies – two of which outline the couple’s movements the day Jennifer disappeared – were found inside a black computer bag during a search of the home on 9 June 2019.

Ms Troconis previously told police that they had been advised by an divorce attorney at the time to write out the timelines.

The first document presented to the court mentioned sending emails to “Jennifer” and “Michelle,” a trip to Starbucks at 7pm in which she wrote, “West Hartford Starbucks ... Two frappuccinos ... I did not like the sandwich.”

The trip to Starbucks was made after Ms Troconis and Fotis were seen driving the route of Albany Avenue as Fotis tossed trash bags that police later discovered contained Jennifer’s DNA.

A second document was a detailed timeline that began with “take a shower with Fotis” at 6.40am, a description of an outfit and cooking scrambled eggs for her daughter.

The third photocopy appeared to be a call log which documented the incoming, outgoing and canceled calls and the duration of each one.

A fourth document, found in an office in the home, appeared to be the original version of the first photocopy.

It was dated 25 May 2019 and noted a meeting with an officer from the New Canaan Police Department and what vehicles “Michi,” “Fotis” and “Pawel” drove.

The defence previously asked the judge to ban any mention of the writing as “alibi scripts.”

Prosecutors clarified that they don’t intend to call the documents “alibi scripts” during the evidentiary portion of the trial, and also have advised their witnesses to call the documents “timelines.”

However, the state will be able to call the documents “alibi scripts” during closing arguments.

Rachel Sharp27 February 2024 13:50

Supporters hoping for #JusticeforJennifer wear purple at courthouse

Dozens of supporters have arrived at the Stamford Superior Courthouse in Connecticut on Tuesday to hear opening statements as Michelle Troconis’ nears the end.

Many of them are members of a #JusticeforJennifer Facebook page and have come together in support of Jennifer, whether they knew her or not.

Some are wearing purple in honor of Jennifer.

Andrea Cavallier27 February 2024 14:40

Troconis will have a contempt of court hearing on 5 March

Michelle Troconi has been accused of dislaying sealed custody documents on her laptop during the trial for people to see.

A contempt of court hearing will be held on the matter on 5 March.

Andrea Cavallier27 February 2024 14:50

Lead detective in Jennifer Dulos investigation will be in court

Sgt John Kimball, the lead detective in the Jennifer Dulos investigation, says several members of state police and New Canaan police will be in court for closing arguments.

“Today members of the Connecticut State Police Western District Major Crime Squad and New Canaan Police Department will be standing in the courtroom alongside the friends and family of Jennifer in a sign of support and solidarity seeking accountability in this terrible crime.

Please keep Jennifer and her loved ones in your hearts today. #JusticeforJennifer #MichelleTroconis”

Andrea Cavallier27 February 2024 15:00

Court is starting

Closing arguments have begun.

The state will go first.

Andrea Cavallier27 February 2024 15:17

State says Jennifer’s murder was “deliberate and intentional”

Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney Michelle Manning is beginning her closing argument for the state.

“I’m going to begin by talking about one thing that is very clear… Jennifer Dulos is dead. She was murdered. This was a deliberate and intentional murder.”

“Jennifer did not run away from her family, her friends, her five children as the defense would live you to believe. She didn’t run away and leave her blood soaked shirt.”

“Jennifer is dead and Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis worked to make this happen. They conspired together to get rid of the room who stood in their way. But they got caught.”

Andrea Cavallier27 February 2024 15:25

Defence ends argument with video of state attorney saying ‘she doesn’t know’

The defence closed with a clip from her secon interview that shows invetsigators talking after Troconis and her attorney left.

The Stamford State’s Attorney says: “She doesn’t know.”

The defence then tells thejury: “And if he thought she didn’t know, that’s resaonable doubt.”

Andrea Cavallier27 February 2024 17:13

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