Trump trolls Biden with 'White House Senior Living' ad

Donald Trump makes his latest jab at the current president’s age – despite being being in his late 70s himself

Amelia Neath
Friday 12 January 2024 13:53 GMT
Trump trolls Biden with 'White House senior living' ad: 'Where residents feel like presidents'

Donald Trump has trolled President Joe Biden with a spoof advert depicting the White House as a “senior living” establishment where “residents feel like presidents”.

The mock TV commercial uploaded on Mr Trump’s Instagram page clipped together awkward shots of the current president at the beach and eating food, ending with him taking a huge bite from an ice cream.

The 30-second clip includes a soft-spoken narrator advertising “delightful activities and outings” and “exquisite housemade meals” over clips of Mr Biden.

The trolling video also includes a clip that circulated in 2022 of Mr Biden struggling to put on his jacket while his aviator glasses were falling off his face, with his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, stepping in to help him put it on.

This unflattering moment was overlayed with the narrator’s “around-the-clock professional care”, which is also available at “White House Senior Living”.

The clip used videos of Biden overlaying it with patronising commentary (Donald Trump/Instagram)

The former president has often made Mr Biden’s age the butt of his “comedic” sketches and rants at his rallies, grasping at low-hanging fruit by calling him “Sleepy Joe”.

However, Mr Trump’s cruel 30-second clip is not the first time that concerns over Mr Biden’s 81 years of age have been voiced – with poll voters and politicians alike being increasingly concerned about the ageing president.

While the fact is that Mr Biden would be 86 if he completed a second term, Mr Trump may have forgotten his own age when attacking the “senior living” White House.

Mr Biden is a mere three-and-a-half years Mr Trump’s senior, who himself is 77 years old.

Polls from last year both had concerns that Mr Biden and Mr Trump were too old for the Oval Office.

An AP-NORC poll from August said that 51 per cent of US adults thought Mr Trump was too old. However, Mr Biden ranked higher, with 77 per cent of adults also saying the same thing about the current president.

Jill Biden has defended her husband’s age, saying it is an “asset” (Donald Trump/Instagram)

Interestingly, only 28 per cent of Republicans believed Mr Trump’s older age was a concern, whereas a huge 69 per cent of Democrats saw Mr Biden as too old.

The current First Lady has been defending her husband after his campaign has been facing scrutiny for his age, saying that it is only an “asset” to his presidency, bringing “wisdom” and “experience”, she said on Morning Joe on Thursday, a day before Mr Trump’s spoof advert was uploaded on his social media.

While Mr Biden, for better or worse, holds the title of the oldest person to assume the US presidency, at least Mr Trump has a record of his own: the first ever former US president to face criminal charges.

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