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French election results - live: Macron win sparks protests, Le Pen ‘won’t give up’

Social media footage shows police using teargas on demonstrators

Thomas Kingsley,Shweta Sharma,Andy Gregory
Monday 25 April 2022 17:29 BST
Emmanuel Macron wins second term as French president after Marine Le Pen concedes defeat

Bitter demonstrations have broken out after Emmanuel Macron was re-elected as president of France on Sunday night.

Police charged and fired teargas at protesters, who took to the streets of Paris, Lyon, Montpellier and Toulouse to protest Mr Macron’s victory, which came despite a rise in popularity for the far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

Footage on social media showed protesters in Montpellier chanting “Ni Marine, Ni Macron,” meaning “neither Marine, nor Macron,” while bins were set aflame in Toulouse.

In Paris, at Place de la République, protesters could be heard comparing Macron to the last King of France, King Louis XVI.

They could be heard saying, in French: “Louis Sixteenth, Louis Sixteenth, we beheaded him, Macron, Macron, we can start again”.

Meanwhile, Ms Le Pen’s 41.5 per cent of the vote signals growing popularity for France’s far-right movement, a result not lost on Ms Le Pen.

“In this defeat, I can’t help but feel a form of hope,” she said. “I will never abandon the French.”

Follow live updates on the French election below


‘One more time'

The song “One More Time” is now playing over the Macron rally at the Eiffel Tower.

Zoe Tidman24 April 2022 19:12

Le Pen speaks after exit polls

Marine Le Pen is now speaking.

She has thanked the millions who voted for the “national camp” and for change.

She thanked in particular those in the provinces, countryside and overseas territories for their support.

Zoe Tidman24 April 2022 19:17

BREAKING: French election results: Macron beats Le Pen to be re-elected president, exit poll projections show

Macron beats Le Pen in French election, exit poll projections show

A poll gave President Macron 58.2% of the vote.

Zoe Tidman24 April 2022 19:21

Le Pen calls exit poll results ‘shining victory’ despite predicted loss

Marine Le Pen called the exit poll results “a shining victory in itself” - despite them forecasting a loss for her.

“The ideas we represent are reaching summits,” the far-right leader said.

The National Rally leader vowed to “continue my commitment to the French people”.

She also told her supporters the election - whose exit polls are predicting 41 per cent of the votes to her - would put her party in a good position in the parliamentary elections later this year.

Marine Le Pen arrives on stage for a speech after the announcement of the first projections by polling firms of the French presidential election's second round results (AFP via Getty Images)
Zoe Tidman24 April 2022 19:26

Melenchon calls Macron ‘worst-elected’ president in recent history

Jean-Luc Melenchon, a far-left leader who came third in the first round, has addressed supporters, calling the centrist president the “worst elected” in recent history.

“The ballot boxes have decided. Mme Le Pen is defeated. France has clearly refused to entrust her with its future,” he said.

Mr Macron survives in a sea of abstentions, blank and invalid ballots.”

Zoe Tidman24 April 2022 19:31

EU Commission president congratulates Macron

Ursula von der Leyen, the EU Commission president, has congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his forecast win:

Zoe Tidman24 April 2022 19:32

Macron allies speak about far-right support

The president’s allies are speaking about the fact the far-right are predicted to win 41 per cent of the vote.

Clement Beaune, the European affairs minister, said: “With a far-right at 40 per cent, it show we’re going to have to work.”

Olivier Veran, the health minister, said he did not want to take away from the victory but said the far-right had its highest score ever.

There will be continuity in government policy because the president has been re-elected. But we have also heard the French people’s message. There will be a change of method, the French people will be consulted,” he said.

Zoe Tidman24 April 2022 19:42

Le Pen spokesperson says her voters are not ‘far-right'

Marine Le Pen’s spokesperson is speaking to TV station France24.

He says the 41 per cent forecast to vote for her are not “far-right” but instead “French people who are suffering”.

Zoe Tidman24 April 2022 19:48

Boris Johnson congratulates Macron

The UK’s prime minister has congratulated Emmanuel Macron on re-election:

Zoe Tidman24 April 2022 19:49

How does this compare to last time?

Five years ago, Emmanuel Macron won a sweeping victory to become France‘s youngest president at 39.

The margin is expected to be way smaller this time: Polling agencies Opinionway, Harris and Ifop projected that the 44-year-old pro-European centrist projected to win at least 57 per cent of the vote.

Ms Le Pen was projected to win between 41.5 per cent and 43 per cent support - a still unprecedented result for the 53-year-old on her third attempt to win the French presidency.

Early official results are expected later on Sunday.


Zoe Tidman24 April 2022 19:55

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