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Russia is plotting attacks across Europe – and they’re only going to get worse

The Kremlin stands accused of everything from arson attacks in the UK to targeting GPS systems used to navigate flights, writes Keir Giles. As the country recruits more freelancers to act on its behalf, we should prepare for the dangers ahead

Monday 29 April 2024 18:46 BST
Russian president Vladimir Putin speaking last month
Russian president Vladimir Putin speaking last month (Photos by Getty)

A British man has been charged over an arson plot targeting a Ukrainian business after allegedly being recruited by a Russian spy – and establishing links with the mercenary Wagner group.

The suspect, Dylan Earl, will face trial under the new National Security Act, the first case under the new legislation to crack down on foreign spies. Four other men have also been charged in connection with the plot.

But the case should not be seen as an isolated incident. There is a much broader, and more serious, Russian campaign of sabotage spanning the whole of Europe. And more disturbingly, the patterns of behaviour match predictions of what Russia would attempt to do in advance of open conflict with Nato.

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