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UFC 294 LIVE: Volkanovski vs Makhachev – fight results after shock KO

Re-live updates from the lightweight-title rematch and co-main event, plus undercard action in Abu Dhabi

Alex Pattle
Combat Sports Correspondent
Monday 23 October 2023 13:49 BST
Jake Paul mocks KSI after loss to Tommy Fury

Islam Makhachev stunned Alexander Volkanovski with a first-round knockout on Saturday, retaining the lightweight title in their rematch at UFC 294.

In February, Makhachev outpointed Volkanovski – who holds the featherweight belt – in the latter’s native Australia, in a competitive clash that left many fans desiring a rematch. Few expected it to come at UFC 294, but 11 days before the event, Makhachev’s original challenger Charles Oliveira suffered a severe cut over his eye. And with that, the door opened for Volkanovski.

The 35-year-old relished the chance to avenge his narrow loss to Makhachev, but there was to be no revenge for him – only a repeat as the Russian triumphed again, and in finer fashion this time.

Midway through the first round of the main event, southpaw Makhachev skimmed his left shin off Volkanovski’s head, wobbling and dropping the featherweight king. Makhachev, 31, followed up with a fierce flurry of hammer fists to the grounded Aussie, whose brow split open amid the onslaught. Referee Marc Goddard stepped in, confirming an emphatic victory and title defence for Makhachev.

Re-live updates and results from the UFC 294 main card and prelims, below.


UFC 294 LIVE: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

Khamzat Chimaev def. Kamaru Usman via majority decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28).

As impressive as I thought Usman’s showing was, that final scorecard is a tad kind on him in my opinion.

Indy Sport had it 29-27.

Alex Pattle21 October 2023 20:42

UFC 294 LIVE: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

Round 3

Another takedown attempt by Chimaev, who goes from a double-leg to a single and gets it! He’s in Usman’s half-guard.

This is just what he needed. He has two minutes to control Usman and secure the win, or to look for a finish.

Chimaev has over six minutes of control time. Usman is punching him from underneath, but Chimaev has the Nigerian-American pretty flat.

Oh! Great scramble from Usman, though, to get free and stand! Only 20 seconds left, though...

One-two from Usman. Both men miss with hooks in a wild end to the round! Both land now!

The buzzer sounds, and the fighters embrace.

A valiant showing from Usman, against a fearsome, young prospect on short notice and in a new weight class. It won’t be enough, but fair play.

And fair play to Chimaev, for a mature performance against a former champion who was dominant for so long.

Alex Pattle21 October 2023 20:40

UFC 294 LIVE: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

Round 3

“You have to wrestle him, brother,” is the call from Chimaev’s corner. The Russian presses forward and shoots for a double-leg from range; Usman sees it coming from a mile off and steps away.

Usman switches stances back and forth. So does Chimaev. Both men are favouring southpaw, though. Big right hand from Usman!

Chimaev nearly lands one of his own! He tries for a takedown, but Usman denies him again! This fight is picking up again!

Short right hooks from both men in close. Usman was told by coach Trevor Wittman that he needed to win this round, and he’s going for it!

Lots of straight shots from him, then a failed takedown attempt; he should stick to the striking right now.

Alex Pattle21 October 2023 20:36

UFC 294 LIVE: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

Round 2

Some boos from the crowd, who seem a bit restless. Usman kicks low again then tests Chimaev’s guard with a switch cross, after quickly going orthodox.

Usman may actually be slightly ahead in this round... The Indy Sport prediction was that Chimaev would start fast and fade, let’s see...

Usman blocks a head kick and feints a couple more takedowns. Hard cross from the ex-welterweight king! Now a good calf kick.

He feints another takedown then goes back to southpaw. He just misses with a cross.

Deeeeep double-leg shot from Chimaev! He lifts Usman and secures the takedown, and Usman is working on a guillotine, but his grip is more on Chimaev’s chest.

In fact, I’d say Usman is only worried about holding Chimaev in place, not going for an actual guillotine.

Indy Sport has it one round apiece, but a 10-8 for Chimaev in Round 1.

Alex Pattle21 October 2023 20:33

UFC 294 LIVE: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

Round 2

Chimaev stands southpaw; Usman orthodox. Usman seems happy to just recover some energy here, fighting on such short notice.

He jabs to the body then kicks low and outside. Decent jab upstairs from Chimaev, who is moving his head a lot. Hard jab by Usman, though.

Usman reaches for the front leg of Chimaev, but seemingly just as a feint. Now he kicks heavily to the body of the Russian. And Chimaev returns the favour!

Chimaev is gently pressing forward, while Usman is circling to his own right. Chimaev is just out of range of a front kick to the body by Usman.

Alex Pattle21 October 2023 20:30

UFC 294 LIVE: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

Round 1

This round marks just the second time that Usman has ever been taken down in the UFC.

Chimaev continues to switch between strikes and a choke attempt. 37-2 is the strike stat, in favour of Chimaev.

The Russian ends the round on top.

Alex Pattle21 October 2023 20:27

UFC 294 LIVE: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

Round 1

Chimaev is a little high on Usman’s back, meaning his balance is a bit off and his control is somewhat compromised. Still, he’s in a dominant position, and he’s going for the rear naked choke again...

More solid defence from Usman, but Chimaev gets off a couple of hard punches! Usman stands and continues to fight the choke...

Chimaev neatly switches hands, and he has the choke on! But Usman slams him down! The choke is off, but Usman still has the back!

Alex Pattle21 October 2023 20:26

UFC 294 LIVE: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

Round 1

Both men are elite wrestlers, both have knockout power. Chimaev offers a glove touch, but Usman denies it.

He also denies a takedown early! But Chimaev switches from a double-leg to a single-leg, and he’s able to get a trip! Usman is still half-standing, but Chimaev has his back against the cage.

Now Usman is flattened out, and Chimaev is landing hammer fists to the top of his head! Usman tries to raise himself up, but he’s in such a tough position; he needs to be so wary of a rear naked choke...

“Kham-zat” is the chant in the Etihad Arena. Good defence from Usman, so far...

Alex Pattle21 October 2023 20:24

UFC 294 LIVE: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

One-inch reach advantage for Usman; two-inch height advantage for Chimaev.

Nigerian-American Usman, at 36, is seven years older than Chimaev.

The fighter introductions are under way, courtesy of Bruce Buffer.

I have butterflies, I can’t lie. This should be very interesting.


Alex Pattle21 October 2023 20:21

UFC 294 LIVE: Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

A great reaction for Russian-born Swede Chimaev, who is currently fighting out of the UAE.

Now here comes Usman, to more of a hostile reaction – as expected – but with a relaxed walkout.

Usman has been calling for this fight for months, and took it on just 10 days’ notice last week.

This week, he played down rumours that he sustained a knee injury on Wednesday. More below:

Kamaru Usman responds to injury rumour ahead of Khamzat Chimaev test at UFC 294

The ex-welterweight champion will make his middleweight debut on Saturday, stepping in on 10 days’ notice

Alex Pattle21 October 2023 20:18

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