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UFC 298 LIVE: Volkanovski vs Topuria fight updates and results tonight

Re-live updates as Alexander Volkanovski defended his featherweight title against Ilia Topuria

Alex Pattle
Combat Sports Correspondent
Sunday 18 February 2024 08:51 GMT
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Ilia Topuria dethroned featherweight great Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298 on Saturday, knocking the Australian out cold in round two.

Volkanovski’s reign at 145lbs has been a storied one, and the 35-year-old was seeking a sixth straight successful title defence as he fought Topuria in Anaheim.

The champion started well, but Topuria’s knockout threat was a key narrative in the build-up to this main event, and the Georgian-Spaniard delivered on that threat.

Midway through the second round, Topuria, 27, landed a picture-perfect fight hook with Volkanovski against the cage, and the Australian collapsed to the canvas at once. With that, Volkanovski’s four-year title reign came to an end, as the unbeaten Topuria became the first UFC champion to represent Georgia or Spain.

Re-live updates and results from the UFC 298 main card and prelims, below.


UFC 298 LIVE: Volkanovski vs Topuria

Round two

Snapping jab from Volk, who also shows off some good reads and footwork to avoid a hook from Topuria.

Topuria’s face is reddened. Another great jab by Volk, but Topuria lands a left hook!

And a right brutal right hook! OH! DOWN GOES VOLK!


Alex Pattle18 February 2024 05:57

UFC 298 LIVE: Volkanovski vs Topuria

Round two

A touch of gloves. More stance-switching from Volk, who just slips a straight punch from Topuria.

Topuria blocks a body kick and loads up on a right overhand, which misses the mark.

Topuria backs up Volk and lands a few body shots. Stiff jab by Volk. Topuria just about lands a cross.

Stern outside low kick by the challenger.

Alex Pattle18 February 2024 05:56

UFC 298 LIVE: Volkanovski vs Topuria

Round one

Another body kick by Volk, who then aims low. Topuria loads up on a flurry of shots, but none of them quite land.

Subtle stance-switches from Volk. He just sidesteps a heavy right cross attempt by Topuria.

Now Volk troubles Topuria with a few more low kicks. Those have been massive for both men so far.

Volk ducks under a left hook and clinches Topuria. He lands a harsh knee to the body in close, after failing to secure a trip.

A good round for Volk.

Alex Pattle18 February 2024 05:52

UFC 298 LIVE: Volkanovski vs Topuria

Round one

Big-fight feel. The pair touch gloves, and we’re under way.

Both men stand orthodox. Topuria presses forward and blocks a high kick early on. Volk kicks to the body. Lots of feints from Volk.

A winging right hook grazes the champion. Close for Topuria there. Again Volk sees a high kick blocked. The Australian strafes.

Body kick by Volk. Hard outside low kick by Topuria! It takes Volk off balance. And another one. Topuria just misses with a right hand, but he lands more low kicks.

Alex Pattle18 February 2024 05:49

UFC 298 LIVE: Volkanovski vs Topuria


Alex Pattle18 February 2024 05:45

UFC 298 LIVE: Volkanovski vs Topuria

Topuria looks very relaxed as he walks out to the sound of boos, though that sound has admittedly been diluted by cheers from travelling Spanish fans!

Topuria takes his time.

And now that familiar scene: “Down Under” by Men At Work hits the speakers, and Volkanovski emerges to the sound of cheers.

That said, the cheers weren’t always part of this scene; when Volk won the featherweight title from Max Holloway then defended it against the Hawaiian, the fans were yet to take to him.

Now, he is treasured by the vast majority of MMA fans.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is in Volk’s corner... so...

Alex Pattle18 February 2024 05:36

UFC 298 LIVE: Volkanovski vs Topuria

Main-event time!

That co-main was such a tense bout, and this one might feel similar, with many fans backing Alexander Volkanovski but fearing Ilia Topuria’s power and danger all round.

Volkanovski is the defending featherweight champion, unbeaten at 145lbs throughout his whole career but with a early welterweight loss in 2013 and two lightweight defeats in 2023 (both against 155lbs king Islam Makhachev).

The Australian, 35, last defended his featherweight title in July, stopping Yair Rodriguez to unify the belts.

Meanwhile, 27-year-old Topuria is unbeaten at 14-0 with 12 stoppage wins. The Georgian-born Spaniard is known for the power in his hands, but he is very well rounded and in fact has more submission wins than knockouts.

Last time out, Topuria dominated Josh Emmett across five rounds in June.

Alexander Volkanovski (left) and his UFC title challenger Ilia Topuria (Getty Images)

Alex Pattle18 February 2024 05:35

UFC 298 LIVE: Robert Whittaker vs Paulo Costa

Robert Whittaker def. Paulo Costa via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

A great fight. So technical. Whittaker with a deserved win, though.

Alex Pattle18 February 2024 05:26

UFC 298 LIVE: Robert Whittaker vs Paulo Costa

Round three

Final frame. This one could be in the balance. A right overhand just about lands for Costa, who then eats a jab. A frantic exchange sees both men land low kicks.

Jab and left hook on point for Whittaker. He kicks low again. Costa responds in kind. Great right hook by Whittaker.

Decent knee to the body by Costa at close range. Step-in left hook connects for Whittaker.

Costa has shown a great chin in this fight. He kicks to the body, and again. Whittaker is slowing down. Good counter jab by Whittaker. Costa with a fine jab of his own.

More jabs land for both fighters. Again Costa tries the spinning back kick, but this time he misses. Whittaker with a clean right cross to close distance.

One minute left. Costa gasps as he eats another leg kick. Whittaker has come on strong late.

Alex Pattle18 February 2024 05:21

UFC 298 LIVE: Robert Whittaker vs Paulo Costa

Round two

Hard outside low kick by Whittaker, then a jab. Now a big left hook. He blocks a head kick. This is livening up again.

Blood is smeared around the Aussie’s face. He lands a good jab, though. A grazing left hook for Whittaker. Another strong jab, and an outside low kick – hammered in.

One-two by Whittaker, clean. Costa is breathing heavily. Right hand and two hard lefts by Whittaker. Costa taunts him, beckoning on the former champ.

Hard leg kick by Costa. This is nerve-wracking but fun. Again Whittaker blocks a head kick. Counter left hook by Whittaker, then another one-two.

Against the odds, it’s a great round for Whittaker, who might also have taken round one – depending on how that late kick by Costa was scored.

Alex Pattle18 February 2024 05:18

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