Jetblue passenger kicked off flight after drunken rant calling travellers 'c***s'

The woman was arrested after hitting a flight attendant

Helen Coffey
Monday 18 February 2019 12:26
Drunk passenger kicked off flight after ranting at three-year-old

A Jetblue passenger who became disruptive on a flight to Las Vegas, saying she “wouldn’t sit next to a f**king three-year-old and calling fellow passengers “c***s”, was kicked off the plane and subsequently arrested.

Valerie Gonzalez, 32, boarded the flight at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport on Thursday 14 February, but quickly became angry when she found she’d been seated next to a child.

“I’m not sitting next to a f**king three-year-old, I’ve been drinking all day,” she said, reports CBS Miami.

She went and sat in another seat rather than the one she was assigned.

However, she quickly found fault with the people sitting in front of her, and made several expletive-ridden outbursts, according to her arrest report.

Cabin crew said she would have to get off the plane.

A fellow passenger recorded Gonzalez’s response in a video that has since gone viral on social media.

The footage, captioned, “We had a crazy chick get thrown off our plane here in Fort Lauderdale,” shows Gonzalez talking to someone on her phone and saying “I didn’t do anything wrong,” and “I’m not getting off this flight”.

She eventually agrees to leave, but appears to spit on the passenger in front and shouts, “Oh, you gonna tape me and make this viral, b*****s?”

“I’ll take my f**king s**t,” she says as she removes her bags, adding, “F**k all y’all. My mom’s gonna be so proud of me tomorrow, I don’t give a f**k.

“I didn’t do anything, I sat down in my seat. I asked to go somewhere else because they were being c***s.”

As she leaves, she says: “Because I called someone old, I get kicked off a f**king plane.

“Bye! Enjoy yourself in Vegas, baby! Vegas, baby, Vegas. I’ll be there in an hour.”

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According to the arrest report, Gonzalez attempted to get back on the plane and hit a gate agent who tried to stop her.

She then refused to cooperate with police and had to be wheeled out of the terminal in a wheelchair with her legs in restraints to ensure she didn’t kick anyone.

Gonzalez was charged with battery, appearing in court on Friday morning.

Jetblue told CBS Miami: “On Thursday, 14 February – during the boarding of flight 7 from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas – crew members reported a disruptive customer onboard.

“Local law enforcement was called and the customer was removed from the flight.

“Additional details should be directed to Broward County Sheriff’s Office.”

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