I’m so bored, I’d even be happy to visit north London

I genuinely thought that once the older and more vulnerable of us had been jabbed, we’d all be free to jaunt off on our hols – apparently not, writes Jenny Eclair

Monday 15 February 2021 21:30
<p>Happier times: sunseekers on Hampstead Heath </p>

Happier times: sunseekers on Hampstead Heath

Just last week, health secretary Matt Hancock was asked on BBC Breakfast whether people should “book a holiday or not book one”. He responded with, “it’s neither”. This, despite the fact that he has his own jolly in Cornwall already reserved for the summer of 2021. Aaaaagh, no wonder we’re so confused.

Personally, I would love a holiday. I’m so sick of the sight of my own neighbourhood that even a few days in north London would be a change of scene and I don’t even like north London.

As a 60-year-old with no underlying health problems (apparently short-sightedness and chronic cracked heels don’t count), I am hoping to get my vaccine any time over the next couple of months, possibly sooner, as similarly aged mates in next door’s borough of Lambeth have already had theirs.

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