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The world cannot give up on the two-state solution

Editorial: Britain has a part to play on the international stage, keeping alive the hope that the cycle of injustice and violence in Israel can be broken

Saturday 14 October 2023 18:37 BST
A Palestinian woman reacts in the aftermath of Israeli strikes
A Palestinian woman reacts in the aftermath of Israeli strikes (Reuters)

The sense of foreboding about what will happen in Gaza is overwhelming. Nothing good can come out of the horror of the attack by Hamas on Israeli civilians. Nothing good was ever likely to come out of the suffering of the Palestinian people.

However far back one goes, it seems that people in the Palestinian occupied territories were responding to earlier injustices. And however much we might try to look to the future, there seems no end in sight to the cycle of violence.

There have been hopeful moments in living memory. The Camp David accords signed by Israel and Egypt in 1978, the incomplete Oslo accords of 1993, and even the unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 pointed towards the brighter possibility of mutual coexistence. But the hopeful moments have always been overshadowed by the awful logic of retribution and mistrust.

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