Theresa May closes the door on child refugees but keeps it open for Donald Trump

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Tuesday 14 February 2017 15:46
The Government has rejected a petition calling for Trump's state visit to be downgraded
The Government has rejected a petition calling for Trump's state visit to be downgraded

Despite unprecedented opposition to his presence in the UK, the Prime Minister is adamant that Donald Trump will make a state visit here in the summer.

Theresa May has closed the doors of the UK to unaccompanied refugee children but is determined to open them to the bigot Donald Trump. That is shameful.

Should May's xenophobic friend dare show his face anywhere in the UK, he will be met with a reception which will leave him in no doubt of the contempt which the vast majority hold for him here. And that goes for his mates too, Theresa May.

Sasha Simic

The world has become a frightening place

As long as the rich abuse the poor,

I see nothing but suffering and perpetual war,

Because Trump like every tyrant who came before,

Will deviate and then break international law,

Then we go into the Middle East for another tour,

With another landing on foreign shores,

With anti-terrorism as our noble cause,

Repeated in the media to the point where it bores,

So what are these invasions actually for?

Well our oil reserves have limits that's for sure,

And the ideology of our hypocrisy rots to the core,

When the use of chemical weapons in Syria we all saw,

The untold horrors of a country war-torn,

But did we not stop or think to pause,

Now Isis and fascists are at our door,

That we have no clue for what is now in store,

But doesn't it make you feel sore and so raw,

That instead of research into a global energy cure,

We follow lies that only us, our God or race is pure,

Brainwashed to the point extreme beliefs become yours.

Alan Peter Garfoot

We need to rehabilitate prisoners

The Government is clearly concerned about the size, and behaviour, of the prison population. However, little is said about the need to improve the morals of society so individuals do not offend in ways such that they need to be sent to prison.

There is need for more and effective programmes to cut reoffending rates. I would suggest the Government could benefit from copying action of the government in Zambia where, reportedly, the Christian church helped drastically reduce reoffending rates.

J Longstaff

The Government should be ashamed over the welfare state

Ramya Kumar is absolutely right to say that parenting a child with learning difficulties gives you the “priceless gift of perspective”.

Tragically, as such a parent myself, it also gives one huge perspective and insight into the callous and immoral cuts in financial and respite support imposed on those with disabilities by both this Tory Government and the previous Lib Dem/Tory coalition.

While we have a Government that constantly appeals to the worst instincts of those who believe that all those receiving social security support (it’s not welfare) are “scrounges and shirkers”, it can be no coincidence that we see an increase in hate crime.

Meanwhile, few are as brave as Ken Loach in speaking the truth to both power and the public through award-winning films as I, Daniel Blake.

David Cameron (remember him?), Nick Clegg, George Osborne, and now professed Christian Theresa May (in the words of John Lennon): how do you sleep?

Russell Kennedy

We need to tackle dog breeding

Dogs don't care which breed they are, and neither should anyone else (French Bulldog set to become UK's favourite dog breed, 13 February). The demand for pedigrees and “designer pets” is fuelling cruel breeding practices that cause animals to suffer from painful, debilitating conditions. French bulldogs, for example, have been bred to have unnaturally flat faces, which can cause them to develop brachycephalic airway syndrome, a condition characterised by severe breathing difficulties.

For dogs, these health issues mean a lifetime of wheezing and weight gain – because their breathing problems leave them unable to exercise – and can even result in death if left untreated. What's more, people who buy them often view them in the same way one might a designer handbag – and once the novelty wears off, many will inevitably be abandoned, putting extra strain on already overburdened shelters.

And while breeders continue to profit from churning out puppies with genetic mutations, thousands of healthy, highly adoptable dogs languish in shelters, just waiting for someone to take them home.

Jennifer White, assistant press officer, Peta UK

A possible solution to Trump’s state visit

There's an alternative Midlands city in which we could turn our backs on Trump: send him to Coventry.

Rick Biddulph

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