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It’s time to take back control from the Conservative Party

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Friday 21 October 2022 14:50 BST
Faced with the current political farce, we need a general election
Faced with the current political farce, we need a general election (AFP/Getty)

Once again, the Tory party has dismissed a sitting prime minister. Once again, it intends to appoint the next prime minister, but this time to do so while so very, very far behind in the polls! Such significant policy shifts and shifty policies show this government now has no mandate. They impose new leadership and new policies without giving the British public a say via a general election.

The shortest-serving prime minister ever. The second shortest serving chancellor. The sacking of a home secretary. And now they talk again of anointing a new prime minister without a mandate – even of reappointing the disgraced Boris Johnson!

Is it not true that Britain is being run as a one-party oligarchy, rather than as a parliamentary democracy? If so, what are we, the British public, to do about it? There are more people in Britain than just the rich. It’s time we took back control from the Tories.

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