The world is sleepwalking into the dangers of a second Trump presidency

The former president’s return to power could cause huge problems for Ukraine, the Middle East, and for us here in the UK, writes Jon Sopel. So why don’t our leaders seem all that concerned?

Saturday 16 March 2024 12:31 GMT
Putin must be rubbing his hands with delight at the thought of another Trump win
Putin must be rubbing his hands with delight at the thought of another Trump win (Getty)

Not sure I’m going to stay up for the exit polls from the Russian elections, because – call it a hunch – I have a feeling Vladimir Putin is going to squeak home. I know, I know: I might have called this entirely wrong. But there we are.

What will be worth staying up for are the telegrams and phone calls from world leaders congratulating the Russian president on his victory – always that bit easier to win when your opponents are either locked up or dead.

Donald Trump won’t be sending any message, I suspect. But then again, he doesn’t really need to, does he? His admiration of Putin has been absolutely consistent. It was the most baffling bromance of the Trump presidency. Sure, he has said disobliging things about Russian behaviour – for example, when there was the attempted poisoning of Sergei Skripal by means of a chemical weapon in Salisbury. The US under Trump’s instruction even expelled Russian diplomats. But find me a word of criticism of Putin. A single one.

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