Trump’s refusal to criticise Putin is grotesque – and a gift to his White House rivals

If you asked me to find a quote from the former president insulting Trudeau or Merkel, May or Macron, I would have it for you in minutes, writes Jon Sopel. But when it comes to the Russian leader, Trump is silent – which is a huge boon to his only credible Republican contender, Nikki Haley

Saturday 24 February 2024 12:22 GMT
Donald Trump in Greenville, South Carolina
Donald Trump in Greenville, South Carolina (Reuters)

It’s CPAC time. And if that doesn’t get your juices flowing, let me try to enthuse you. It is the conference of the Conservative Political Action Committee, taking place just a few miles from Washington DC.

It is a bit like the Conservative Party conference, but with less tweed and fewer young men dressing as though they wished they were 50. And less debate. Debate is done: this is now where the Maga crowd goes to pay homage to their undisputed king and leader, Donald Trump.

It is where the invited speakers talk about the deep state, and how the government is being taken over by “trans activists” and “environmental extremists”. And how American values are being undermined by the left-wing views emanating from the “Biden White House”.

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