Susie Mesure

Susie Mesure writes interviews, news and features for the Independent on Sunday, Independent and i, and has done for the last ten years or so give or take two lengthy maternity leaves. She is interested in just about any topic, especially anything Scandinavian, food, or consumer-orientated, and used to be the Independent’s Retail Correspondent

Gandys Flip Flops: How the funky footwear brand was created

They were young brothers with a single GCSE between them and an unlikely vision that could help orphans like themselves. But it was only when Paul and Rob Forkan revealed the truth of their tragic past that the future began to look bright for Gandys Flip Flops

An expert guide to barbecuing: Hawksmoor's Richard Turner and grill

It’s not just a case of standing around, prodding at a sausage and hoping for decent weather. Barbecuing is a high art – so we asked Hawksmoor’s king of the coals, Richard Turner, and up-and-coming chef Selin Kiazim to give us an expert guide to the thrill of the grill

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