15 best luxury Easter eggs

Satisfy your sweet tooth this 16 April with one of these high quality chocolate treats

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If a regular Easter egg just won’t cut the mustard, then check out our gourmet options that chocolate connoisseurs will love.

If you’re looking to buy a luxury Easter egg online, always be sure to check the weight. What can look big in the picture might be tiny – and vice versa. If you’re buying for someone else, find out what kind of chocolate they love – a beautiful, intense dark egg will be wasted on the most discerning of chocolate lovers if actually, what they really enjoy is rich and creamy top-drawer milk chocolate.

1. Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Egg, 1.1kg: £75, Hotel Chocolat


There’s no living bird that lays bigger eggs than an ostrich, making it an apt name for this mammoth offering from Hotel Chocolat that’s been manufactured to exactly the same size. It’s available in delicious dark or (our favourite) crispy milk chocolate and the ultra-posh box also contains six hidden golden eggs and a tray of 27 filled chocolates.

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2. Bettys Trio of Spring Flowers, 260g: £27.50, Bettys


This dainty-looking trio of chocolate eggs is a stunning choice for those who appreciate attention to detail. Made from Swiss chocolate – one dark, one milk and one white with a silver lustre – they’re all hand-piped with iced spring flowers. The texture is smooth and the flavour is rich, with the dark chocolate one particularly flavoursome. 

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3. Prestat Hot Cross Bun Easter Egg, 170g: £16.99, Ocado


With its royal warrant and history dating back to 1902, this company knows a thing or two about getting creative with chocolate. This year, they’ve come up with a melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate shell, marked with the traditional cross design and flavoured with hot cross bun spices. It’s a bit of a marmite choice - you’ll love it or hate it – but we give the cinnamon twist a big thumbs up.

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4. Artisan Du Chocolat Sculpture Egg, 430g: £35, Artisan Du Chocolat


A great contemporary-looking choice, this modern, sculptured chocolate egg with gold shimmer finish looks so good that you won’t want to break into it. But you won’t regret it when you taste the intense 70 per cent Colombian dark chocolate or indeed the small ganache-filled egg with 18 carat gold leaf decoration. There’s a few dark mini eggs too, hidden within the packaging.

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5. Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Easter Egg, 300g: £7.99, Aldi


On first glance, this looks like a cheaper version of the Artisan du Chocolat sculpture – and in a sense it is. But you can’t knock the quality and taste, which has been perfected by an award-winning chocolatier family in St Ives, Cornwall. It’s available in two versions – praline truffle and, our favourite, champagne truffle, which is finished with a cocoa dusting swirl.

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6. Tesco Finest Easter Egg in An Egg, 650g: £15, Tesco


We found that this thin, crisp chocolate egg was smoother and tastier than some of the more expensive eggs we tried. It also gets a thumbs up for its luxury, show-stopping looks and innovative shape, as well as the combination of textures that complement each other perfectly. 

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7. Fortnum & Mason Family Sharing Egg, 1.2kg: £115, Fortnum & Mason


Yes, this costs a small fortune but your family won’t need any more chocolate on Easter Sunday – and probably for weeks afterwards. The huge, gold-foiled, velvety milk chocolate egg is bursting at the seams with mini-eggs and chocolate Easter animals for the kids, while adults can enjoy the violet and rose creams, along with other chocolate assortments. 

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8. Marks & Spencer Single Origin Milk Chocolate Ridged Egg, 750g: £25, Marks & Spencer


Ribbed chocolate eggs are all the rage this year and this shimmery, space-age looking one will stand out against the rest on Easter Sunday. The chocolate is thick, indulgent and creamy and will appeal to those who like a higher sugar content.

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9. Venchi Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Easter Egg, 1kg: £89.99, Selfridges


This is another beast of an egg that should last you some time. The milk chocolate shell has whole hazelnuts encrusted on the inner side – a real treat for those who love quality nut and choc combos. It comes from a top-notch Italian confectionery, founded in 1878.

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10. Rococo Honeycomb Crunch Milk Artisan Egg, 150g: £29.99, Selfridges


This small but decadent hand-painted egg is the bees’ knees (sorry, we couldn’t resist). It’s made from a delicious 40 per cent organic milk chocolate, along with a thin layer of creamy white chocolate and with pieces of tasty chocolate-coated honeycomb. 

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11. Paxton Matcha and Cherry Egg, 120g: £18, Paxton Chocolate


This company has gained quite a reputation since its inception in 2012, for its innovatively flavoured and vibrant looking Belgian chocolate thins, which use natural flavour extracts from Scotland. This is an egg-shaped version and combines two different flavours, one on each side. There’s a pistachio and hazelnut version too, and each also contain eight of its famous thins.

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12. Selfridges Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, 190g: £29.99, Selfridges


Snap one of these up quickly as only 200 have been made. With a nod to artistry from its hand-painted finish, it serves as a reminder that chocolate making is an art, with this one – made by the award-winning Chocolate Society in Somerset – using some of the silkiest milk chocolate we’ve ever tasted.

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13. Lindt Gold Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny, 1kg: £35, Tesco


The delicious, foil-wrapped Lindt bunnies have become synonymous with Easter and are so popular that you’ll be hard pushed to find a food store that doesn’t sell them. This one is extra special though because of its size. At a whopping 1kg, it even comes in its own transparent gift box – but be warned the kids will want their share.

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14. Chococo Madagascar Mega Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, 175g: £16.95, Chococo


This is a great one for those who find dark chocolate just a bit too intense. The 65 per cent single origin egg contains as much cocoa as most dark chocolates, but is less bitter, as well as having less sugar. The red berry flavour is also perfectly balanced by the creamy milk. Plus, it’s Raisetrade – one step up from Fairtrade.

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15. Cocoa Loco Massive Dark Chocolate and Cinder Toffee Egg, 1.25kg: £29.99, Abel & Cole


Here’s another large egg, this time an organic dark chocolate offering whose intensity is beautifully complemented by the chocolate-covered cinder toffee. We think it’s a great price for the quality and quantity and if you pop it on the centre of your Easter table, you’ll have some very happy grown-ups.

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The Verdict: Luxury Easter eggs

There’s nothing new about Hotel Chocolat’s Ostrich Egg but there’s a good reason it’s remained so popular for years. At £75, you’ll need deep pockets but every bite is chocolate heaven. If you want something for all the family, look no further than the Fortnum & Mason Family Sharing Egg, while purists will love Chococo’s offering. And for those who enjoy a bit of artistry, check out Rococo’s Artisan Egg.

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