10 best alarm clocks

Take the pain out of an early morning wake-up call  with one of these stylish time pieces

Wakey, wakey rise and shine. If, in fact, the more likely scenario is waking up just in the nick of time for work, school, the school run or wherever else you have to be, then it could be time to invest in a decent alarm clock – unlike relying on your phone, it will add interest to your room, the battery won’t die in the night and you can choose to wake up to radio or music.

Whether you want something traditional or contemporary, digital or conventional, we’ve got it covered. What you won’t find in our list, however, are clocks that aren’t value for money, that don’t last, that have annoyingly loud ticks or ridiculously bright LCD displays.

So rest assured (sorry, couldn’t resist) you’ll find something here to suit your needs, even if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or need something to double up as a charger for your smart phone while you sleep.

1. Gingko Cube Red Walnut, £20, amazon


If you prefer your clocks minimalist, this 7cm one with three alarm settings is a particularly cool example. It displays the date, time and temperature alternately but if you don’t want the LED shining at night, you can set it to light up at the click of your fingers. 

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2. Sony XDRC706DBP DAB Clock Radio, £61, amazon



For anyone who likes to wake up to radio, this sleek clock with 20 pre-set stations has reception that’s clearer and sharper than others on the market. Handy features include four alarm settings and an extendable snooze function.

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3. Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30, £54, amazon


This innovative alarm brings you gently out of sleep with a slowly brightening light and in doing so, it tells your body to switch off production of the sleep hormone melatonin, while increasing hormones like cortisol to get you going. Good for SAD sufferers. 

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4. LEGO Brick Alarm Clock, £17, amazon


Available in yellow, red and blue, this retro-looking piece is a giant lego brick in alarm-clock form. It looks good in kids’ bedrooms but big kids will like it too. 

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5. Lascelles Travel Alarm Clock, £45, johnlewis


This looks old school but that’s its charm. The neat fold-away clock comes in a leather case and has the feel of something you might pass down through generations, despite the relatively low price. 

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6. Newgate Classic Alarm Clock, £19, amazon


Newgate is known for its simple but striking wall, mantel and alarm clocks. As the name suggests, this one is a retro-inspired model that looks good on the bedside table. It’s also available in pink. A word of warning: the alarm’s louder than average.

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7. GEAR 4 Halo 3 Alarm Dock, £125, amazon

GEAR 4 Halo 3 Alarm Dock.jpg

Smartphone-compatible alarm clocks have become increasingly popular. This one – for caseless iPhones 5, 5s 5c and iPods – charges your device alongside FM radio and all the usual clock functions. It will sync time and alarms with your phone or an MP3 player’s alarm and there’s an app that makes your device a remote control.

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8. HITO Smart Simple and Silent, £6, amazon

HITO Smart Simple and Silent.jpg

Even short-sighted sleepers will be able to see the time on this energy-saving clock with a large display and bright numbers. The sensor light detects when it’s getting dark and a non-dazzling backlight comes on, which you can choose to switch off. 

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9. Roberts Dreamtime2 DAB Clock Radio, £44, amazon


This won’t wake you up with a start; the alarm starts quietly and builds up. It has all the usual features of a DAB radio plus It’s a good one for partners with different sleeping habits – you can set two independent alarms and there’s a headphone socket for night-time listening.

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10. The White Company Small Karlsson Alarm Clock, £35, thewhitecompany


This elegant little clock will fit in well in a bedroom where the emphasis is on calm. The polished steel frame and twin alarm bells keep it classic, but the colour scheme and simple face bring it bang up to date. 

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The Gingko Cube is as cool as it gets in the world of alarm clocks. Then again, The White Company’s Small Karlsson Alarm Clock is also aesthetically pleasing and it is built to last.

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