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An exotic hazard of E-mail is brought to light by the following letter, apparently from JP Lodge:

'Dear Sir/Madam, Having written to complain about sexism in Mary Dejevsky's recent article, I was surprised to see my letter in print under my boyfriend's name and address. As this has caused us both considerable embarrassment, I would be grateful if you would publish a correction in the next issue.

Thank you. Chris Willis (Ms)'

The trouble is that this letter, just like Ms Willis's last one, has her name at the end, but her boyfriend's name automatically placed by the software at the beginning, where we read it.

However, the best computer error of the week appears to have been committed by a human being. The Northwest Herald, a suburban Chicago paper, published a story about the crew of Enola Gay, the aircraft which dropped the first atomic bomb, protesting about an exhibition on the subject. The headline, improperly blamed on a style-correcting program, was 'Atomic bombers criticize Enola homosexual exhibit'.

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