Computers: Feedback: Screen gem

David Hewson writes: Unaccustomed as I am to passing on good news about the computer business to readers, I can report a happy outcome to the problem with my fuzzy Philips monitor (5 November).

After a galvanising letter from me to head office which mentioned the word 'journalist' not at all, Philips's monitor division last week sent a friendly support expert round with a number of different screens for me to look at until I found one I did like. The company then pocketed the difference in price between the two.

The previously unobtainable customer services department has also been strengthened as a result of my complaints. In my experience of 10 years' of buying computer equipment for a home office, this is the first time any manufacturer has willingly replaced a piece of equipment purely on the basis of quality, even if it took a little time to get them going.

It is also the last time I buy a monitor without seeing it working beforehand.