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PC shareware and freeware is available through specialist distributors who advertise in most PC magazines, bulletin boards and gateways like Compuserve and on magazine cover disks. Mac equivalents are harder to find - Mac User magazine distributes some and there is a good selection on Compuserve. Instant Access, which produced the CD-rom of 'try before you buy' commercial software for pounds 9.95, is on 081 200 0100.

Worthwhile Mac shareware includes Stuffit, written by the then 12-year-old, Raymond Lau, an excellent compression program, though newer versions are now sold commercially; Boomerang, which remembered the last few files and folders used and has become the commercial Super Boomerang; Disinfectant, a free virus checker; and BiPlane, a basic spreadsheet, but fine for simple rows and columns. For the record, I contacted six 'professional' Mac users and not one had any shareware or freeware on his or her machine.

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