Tweet up: 10 best bird houses

As the temperatures dip, the birds need our help. We round-up the most innovative (and occasionally bonkers) feeders and houses for our feathered friends

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It’s no longer enough to scatter a handful of stale bread and provide a dish of water when the weather turns icy. Birds these days expect fat balls and specialist seeds, and have houses and feeders to match these extravagant tastes.  From the Umbra Bird Café, a box that looks like it could be a gallery for modern art, to a Red Telephone Box feeder for feathered fans of Gilbert Scott, there's a set-up to suit every garden and budget.

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If you want the birds in your garden to tweet to their friends about your fancy bird table, and subtlety isn’t one of your concerns, the Backyard Bird Gazebo Feeder is the one for you. But for those who prefer to save our wildlife one bird at a time, the Eva Solo Mini Bird Feeder is the perfect stylish feeder.

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1. Telephone Box Bird Feeder, £27.99

2. Wild Bird Feeding Station – Umbra Bird Café, £29.99

3. Eva Solo Mini Bird Feeder, £30

4. Apple Feeder, £3.99

5. Backyard Bird Gazebo Feeder, £49.99

6. Garden Trading Bird House Feeder, £15

7. Posh Bird Boxes, £35

8. Nature’s Feast Royal Energy Ball Donut Feeder, £9.99

9. Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse, £24.99

10. Heart Bird Feeder, £8

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