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Create healthy and nutritious meals quickly with the help of an effective gadget

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Although spiralizers were originally popular with the clean-eating brigade, this healthy kitchen gadget that creates vegetable noodles, ribbons, “pasta” or whatever you want to call them, has officially gone mainstream. With supermarkets jumping on board and offering the pre-prepared vegetable noodles, it’s clearly a health hack that’s here to stay. 

These machines can handle more than just courgetti (courgette “spaghetti”) though. Many can transform sweet potato, cucumbers, apples, beetroot, carrots and more – making them a very versatile bit of kit. Replace pasta for a lighter supper, add ribbons of colour to your stir-fry or even add fruit noodles to breakfast bircher. These spiralizers make it super easy to add an extra portion of veg to your meals, contributing towards your five a day. If there’s ever been a time to update your healthy recipe repertoire, it’s now and you may be surprised by just how affordable our round up is. 

When selecting the right spiralizer for you, consider the following differences. Handheld tend to be the cheapest and work in a similar way to a pencil sharpener, but they also take up the least space in your kitchen. Horizontal spiralizers allow for longer veg that rarely needs trimming to size and often comes with blade storage in the base. Most people find it easier to apply downward pressure though (especially if you have any arthritic issues), so if this is the case, you’ll find the vertical type best. Electric versions are just as easy as they sound, press the button and off you go.

The team behind food and drink review site Crummbs have eaten their way through oodles of noodles, testing a variety of veg, both cylindrical (courgettes and cucumbers) and rounded (potato and beetroot) to bring you this round up of the best spiralizers on the market. 

1. Morphy Richards Spiralizer Express: £24.99, Lakeland


If you see this becoming part of your weekly recipe routine, opt for Morphy Richards’ industrial-looking bit of kit. This electric model makes light work of spiralizing as there is no manual twisting involved. Simply feed the vegetable through the shoot and the sharp electric blades (choose from two thicknesses) will deposit perfect noodles into the bowl provided, with very little waste. Our large sweet potato needed trimming slightly before feeding to the machine, but the blades weren’t deterred by the harder veg. We love the neat upright design and found it easy to store. 

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2. Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer: £16.95, Amazon


If you’re a fan of the superfood sisters, you’ll know that they regularly turn to their spiralizer to create their low carb, nutritious recipes. This gadget comes with three easy-to-change blades (helpfully stored in the base) which create a variety of widths and thicknesses. We found the handy suction pads kept everything in place so you can twist the rotary handle with ease. We’d even go so far as to say it was quite fun, so it would be a good way of getting your youngsters excited about their five-a-day. It also includes a recipe card to get you started, as well as a reassuring life-time guarantee.

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3. Kilner Spiralizer With Jar: £15, John Lewis


No room in your kitchen for another gadget? Then this two-in-one option could be the answer. Although this simple design only has one blade option, it makes the classic ‘spaghetti’ style that we find most useful. The sturdy one-litre glass jar collects the strands of vegetables, doubling up as a handy container. We simply added some extra salad ingredients, topped with dressing and used the separate lid to secure before taking it to work for our lunch. Great if you’re trying to avoid plastic and it’s also dishwasher safe. 

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4. OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Spiralizer: £14.49, Amazon


While most of the other spiralizers preferred long, narrow veg (think courgettes, carrots, cucumbers), this was the best for beetroot and potatoes. There is an open blade but the cap secures the item with its spikes and your hands are protected by the grippy handle. It does require a bit of manual effort so best suited to meal prep for one or two people as opposed to a large family.

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5. Joseph Joseph Multi-Peel Julienne Peeler: £9, Joseph Joseph


This low-cost, space saving option won’t quite give you beautiful springy spirals, but at this price you may find it does all you need. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold and the sharp stainless steel blade comes with a protective cap. The shorter strands are well suited to decorative finishes and are perfect for coleslaw or stir-frys.

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6. Caveman Kitchen Spiraliser Vegetable Cutter: £9.99, Borough Box


Essentially a large pencil sharpener for your veg, just select which end you require depending on thickness and give it a twist. You’re left with long strands perfect for stir-fries and salads. The handy brush makes cleaning a doddle and it takes up next to no space in your kitchen. It also comes with a life-time guarantee for peace of mind.

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The Verdict: Spiralizers

If you have the space in your kitchen, the sleek Morphy Richards electric spiralizer couldn’t be easier to use. The set-up was really quick and simple, leaving us with a bowl full of perfect courgetti in seconds. If you’re really short of space, we like the Kilner as it acts as both a lunchbox and a spiralizer, giving you extra bang for your buck.

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