Turl Street Kitchen, 16-17 Turl Street Oxford

At a scrubbed wooden table, a dapper, Rumpole-ish gentleman is taking lunch, in immaculate suit and wide red braces. Behind him, also eating alone, is a troll in human form – a small, wild-haired oldster wearing a plunging singlet and very short shorts, his abundantly furry chest and shoulders on proud display. Both of these unlikely fellow diners look perfectly at home.

Food: Loyd Grossman to star in 'Eggs Factor' show

He has deliberated, cogitated and digested for long enough. More than 10 years after he quit the original Masterchef, Loyd Groooossman of the long vowels will activate his TV tastebuds again as a judge on Simon Cowell's new cookery show.

Hot chicken salad with sweet mustard dressing

2 cooked chicken legs
A little sunflower oil
2 big handfuls of salad greens: mâche (lamb's lettuce), watercress, rocket (if you must), small spinach leaves or a mixture of all four
A tiny squeeze of lemon juice
A little olive oil
A little finely chopped shallot (or chives or spring onion)
Some peeled and sliced cucumber

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Kimya Dawson, Bush Hall, London

Kimya Dawson is sporting an enormous pink and blue afro. It's as if candyfloss met a cartoon rain-cloud sign for depression over her head. Which is pretty apt: to the strumming and fingerpicking of her acoustic guitar, she sings in that funny little voice about friendship and silver pink ponies, but also people dying of cancer, her own mental health, and struggles with addiction.