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Watch: Breaking Bad series 5 finale teaser

Breaking Bad will begin its long-awaited series finale in August, but fans hoping to glean any more information won’t get much from this teaser of the final episode.

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You big tease: the trailers for trailers

You're a movie marketer in your big-shot's office in LA. It's hot, you've had way too much coffee and your client wants to know your plan to publicise their latest blockbuster.

The Lounge, Odeon Whiteleys, Queensway, London W2

This isn't the first time, in the course of eating out for this column, that I've found myself spectating while a couple nearby has a full-blown, marriage-threatening row. But it's certainly the first time I've booked a ticket specifically to do so. This week's assignment sees me braving the new frontier of modern dining. I'm having supper in a luxury cinema, watching a Polanski movie from a huge leather seat while eating venison chilli and sipping a mojito. This is possibly the most middle-class thing I've ever done in my life.