Golden girls: The quiet charms of camel

It looks expensive and sophisticated, and has finally coaxed the fashion crowd out of head-to-toe black. Gemma Hayward celebrates the quiet charms of camel

M-J Lancaster: Outspoken writer and editor who became a prototype of

It was not surprising that Miss Hope-Nicholson shortened her first name to M-J, christened as she was, Marie-Jaqueline, Dorothea, Beatrice, Alexina, Romaine, Adriana. Her decision reflected the future editor's outspoken, forthright manner, possibly a reaction against her deeply eccentric family. Her father, Hedley Hope-Nicholson, was heir to a raincoat fortune and head of the Carolean Society; he was obsessed with Charles I and kept a relic from the King's coffin – and a piece of the shirt he wore on the scaffold – in a box in the consecrated chapel in their London family at More House in Tite Street.

The Ten Best Raincoats

As another dismal summer limps to its soggy close why not cheer yourself up with one of these raincoats?

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Album: Barry Adamson, Back To The Cat (Central Control)

Barry Adamson’s first album for his own label continues in much the same vein as his earlier Mute releases, with a series of dark-side ruminations on human frailty set to meticulously-crafted jazz-noir arrangements.