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California battered by mudslides and flooding during three-day storm

The storm triggered several landslides throughout the state

Mike Bedigan,Louise Boyle,Katie Hawkinson
Wednesday 21 February 2024 20:34 GMT
Floodwaters rush through Montecito, California on Monday afternoon

A brutal storm that battered California is winding down as of Wednesday morning, with heavy rain beginning to subside.

Much of California was on flood watch on Monday and Tuesday as some regions approach ten inches of total rainfall while bracing for floods and landslides.

Road blockages, landslides and toppled trees have already been reported in and around Los Angeles. A massive tree also crashed in a Los Angeles neighbourhood on Monday, damaging parked vehicles and downing power lines.

Officials warned Californians to avoid road travel and prepare for power outages, mud or rock slides and coastal flooding. Portions of the US-101 and Pacific Coast Highway were blocked on Monday as rainfall intensified and floodwaters rushed onto the major roadway.

Meanwhile, Santa Barbara County officials issued evacuation warnings for some waterfront neighbourhoods, which could persist through Wednesday.

Many parts of California are already saturated from the heavy rain after a storm earlier this month caused hundreds of landslides so far.


SEE IT: Storm blows across California, putting millions under weather alerts

Katie Hawkinson19 February 2024 20:01

What are supercells, the weather phenomena forming over California today?

Supercells are beginning to form over California today, worsening an already severe weather situation in the state.

Supercells are storm systems that generate rotating winds and a strong updraft — meaning they can cause both hail and tornadoes in the regions they impact.

These supercells come as parts of California are already under tornado threats — and heavy thunderstorms are threatening much of the state.

Katie Hawkinson19 February 2024 20:20

Floodwaters rush through California town

Footage from the Montecito, California Fire Department shows floodwaters rushing through the streets of the town.

The town is located in Santa Barbara County, where officials have issued evacuation warnings to several waterfront neighbourhoods due to the threat of flash flooding from today’s deluge.

“Stay off the roads if you can and definitely do not go around road closed signs,” Montecito Fire Department officials said on X.

Katie Hawkinson19 February 2024 20:40

Southern California rainfall total approaches 10 inches in some areas

Over the last two days, nearly 10 inches of rain fell in Santa Barbara County, California, according to the National Weather Service. Other nearby counties mostly saw 6-8 inches of rain.

Several Santa Barbara County neighbourhoods are under evacuation warnings as rain continues, brining threats of flash floods.

Floodwaters rush through Montecito, a town in Santa Barbara County, on 19 February 2024 (Montecito Fire Department)
Katie Hawkinson19 February 2024 21:00

Santa Barbara airport cancels several flights

50 per cent of departing flights on Monday out of Santa Barbara Municipal Airport have been cancelled so far, according to FlightAware. Meanwhile, 51 per cent of flights arriving at the airport have been cancelled.

In total, 34 flights arriving or departing the small airport have been cancelled.

These cancellations come as some Santa Barbara neighbourhoods face evacuation warnings due to the risk of flash flooding amid heavy rain.

Katie Hawkinson19 February 2024 21:20

ICYMI: Beverly Hills, West Hollywood under flash flood warnings

Some of California’s most iconic — and wealthiest — cities are under flash flood warnings until 6 pm local time, according to the National Weather Service.

More than 800,000 people across Malibu, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Topanga, West Hollywood and other southern California cities are under the warnings.

Earlier this month, Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California region saw a similar storm that brought hundreds of landslides and intense flooding.

Katie Hawkinson19 February 2024 21:40

Storm has potential to produce waterspout

A storm cell forming off the central coast of California could form a waterspout, Bay Area meteorologist Rob Mayeda said on X.

A waterspout is essentially a whirling column of air and mist, resembling a tornado, that forms over water.

Katie Hawkinson19 February 2024 22:00

SEE IT: Floodwaters rush through town in Santa Barbara County

Floodwaters rush through Montecito, California
Katie Hawkinson19 February 2024 22:20

Monday’s storm follows month of historic weather for California

This week’s storm comes after a month of devastating weather in California

The slow-moving atmospheric river that was finally moving out of California nearly two weeks ago unleashed record rainfall, triple-digit winds and hundreds of mudslides.

Here is the historic storm by the numbers:

Katie Hawkinson19 February 2024 22:40

IN PICTURES: Rain pelts Los Angeles, California on Monday afternoon

A woman walks with an umbrella in Los Angeles on 19 February 2024 (AP)
People walk on Hollywood Boulevard during a heavy downpour on 19 February 2024 (Getty Images)
Cars drive through torrential rain on US-101 in Los Angeles on 19 February 2024 (Getty Images)
Katie Hawkinson19 February 2024 23:00

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