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Amazon’s Gaming Week has arrived – and these are the best deals to shop

There’s almost 90% off some of the retailer’s best games and accessories

Jasper Pickering
Tuesday 03 May 2022 11:46 BST
Everything from Playstation and Xbox titles to PC accessories have had a price cut
Everything from Playstation and Xbox titles to PC accessories have had a price cut (iStock/The Independent)

Amazon Gaming Week is making a grand return in 2022 with a huge number of deals on everything gaming-related.

While Prime Day is scheduled to take place later this year, the shopping giant’s gaming event is still a great way to kick things off with a fairly decent saving on normally pricey electronic goods. And we’ve already seen savings of up to 88 per cent on some items, making it exceptionally good value.

Gamers can expect to see a price cut on their favourite videogames, but it’s also a good place to pick up new accessories, such as keyboards, headsets and gaming mice.

The sale lasts for approximately one week and this year it will be taking place between 2-8 May.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite deals that you can shop in the week-long sale. All you need to do is keep scrolling...

Best game deals

‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ limited edition: Was £57.99, Now £22.99,


Released in January 2022, Rainbow Six Extraction is still a fairly new title that’s worth exploring. As a spin-off of the popular competitive shooter Rainbow Six Siege, it takes players into a new sci-fi setting. In our review, we said: “By scaling back to focus on a co-operative experience, Extraction has done well to retain the look and, more importantly, the feel of its competitive counterpart while carving out its own niche.” And with £35 off right now, this game just keeps getting better.

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‘Riders Republic’ limited edition: Was £59.99, now £17.99,


There’s more than £40 off Riders Republic right now. If you’re not familar, it’s a massive multiplayer playground where players can meet and compete with each other online in a range of radical activities, such as biking, skiing, snowboarding and even wingsuiting. Players will navigate over snowy mountains, vast deserts and lush forests in a truly bodacious extreme sports setting.

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‘NieR: Automata’ game of the YoRHa edition: Was £29.99, now £13.90,

(Square Enix)

A highly acclaimed action-RPG, Nier: Automata follows the android 2B and combines role-playing elements with action-based hack and slash combat in the midst of a proxy war thousands of years in the future.

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‘Far Cry 6’ limited edition: Was £59.99, now £29.99,


Save 50 per cent on the latest installment in the Far Cry series. Starring Giancarlo Esposito as the game’s antagonist, "El Presidente" Antón Castillo, Far Cry 6 takesplace in the fictional Caribbean nation of Yara. Players will take control of one of the country’s rebel forces, Dani Rojas, and must explore the island to overthrow the dictator’s forces.

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‘Stardew Valley’: Was £34.99, now £26.27,


There’s a 25 per cent saving to be had on this farming simulator. Heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon series, players inherit their grandfather’s farm and escape the daily grind to grow crops, raise animals and interact with the local townspeople located in Stardew Valley. It’s a serene experience and wildly engaging.

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Best deals on gaming accessories

HTC vive pro full kit: Was £1,299.99, now £869,

(HTC Vive)

Like the name suggests, the vive pro kit is aimed towards high-level virtual reality users, with a fresh slate of updated features. Not only does the headset boast 10m x 10m room tracking (using four base stations), it also uses 3D spatial audio to create soundscapes based on your relative position. And with £430 off this is an offer you won’t want to miss.

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HyperX Cloud II wireless gaming headset: Was £149.99, now £118.99,


The Cloud II was one of our best picks for wireless gaming headsets. Our reviewer said: “HyperX’s headset is certainly eye catching, with red metal decals holding the cups in place. Fortunately, it backs up the good looks with a light comfort and sound that is brilliant for both music and gaming.” And that lower price tag just makes it all the more enticing.

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Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 mechanical gaming keyboard: Was £149.99, now £129.99,


If you’re looking for a minimalist mechanical keyboard to complete your PC gaming set up, then the K70 is an excellent choice. Our reviewer said: “If you’re a light touch typist you’ll find an awful lot to like here, with a minimalist slim design, dedicated media and gaming buttons, and a huge range of customisation options via the Corsair icue software.”

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Corsair M65 PRO RGB optical FPS gaming mouse: Was £59.99, now £47.99,


The M65 pro comes with adjustable weights that you can add or remove from the mouse, ensuring you get the correct feeling of weightiness in your hand. Alongside that are some neatly located programmable buttons. It’s a small saving, but one we’re still excited by.

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Oversteel ultimet professional gaming chair: Was £139.99, now £110.99,


The ultimet gaming chair features ergonomic design with premium leatherette upholstery, high-density foam, and removable lumbar and neck cushions for increased comfort. It also has two adjustable armrests that can be rotated and moved up and down. A balancing mechanism at the base of the seat can help prevent the chair from falling over and it can be reclined a full 180-degrees too.

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Amazon’s Gaming Week FAQS

What is Gaming Week?

If you haven’t heard of it already, Gaming Week is online retailer Amazon’s week-long sale on some of its best selling gaming products.

The brand offers huge discounts of up to 88 per cent across the website and aims to bring customers deals on games, keyboards, mice and headsets as well as other accessories.

When is Gaming Week 2022 and how long does it last?

Gaming Week lasts for six days and will take place between 2-8 May 2022. While most items will be available to buy throughout the event, some products will be listed as “Flash Deals”, which shoppers can only purchase at a discount within a specific time window.

What time does Gaming Week start?

The sale officially begins at midnight on 2 May and lasts until the final minute of 8 May.

How to get the best deals?

When shopping the sales, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead, so make sure to set yourself a budget and make a list of the kind of products you want to buy. This way, you’re less likely to be lured in by discount prices and make purchases on a whim.

You can also check out the kind of deals that will be on offer on the Amazon Gaming Week page.

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