Experts, campaigners and women talk solutions

Curated to give a voice to young women, empower them to fulfil their potential, and spread a ripple effect of positivity that helps everyone thrive, The Ripple Effect Live was an event to remember. Here’s the lowdown on an exceptional evening packed with personal stories, practical advice and solution-finding that enlightened, informed and inspired

<p>Presenter AJ Odudu believes we need to celebrate our successes and stop and take stock of the here and now</p>

AJ Odudu: ‘We all need to be kind to ourselves’

Despite a stellar career in front of the camera, the presenter reveals that she too has experienced the feelings of anxiety and self-doubt triggered by imposter syndrome, which affects over half of UK women

<p>Via initiatives that boost financial and entrepreneurial skills, Galaxy is helping women in cocoa-farming communities thrive </p>

She-conomics: how empowering women financially helps everyone thrive

To make effective and long-term societal change that truly empowers women, financial equity is key. Here we explore how empowering women economically benefits them, their families and communities

Ebony Rainford-Brent MBE: ‘Anyone can suffer from imposter syndrome’

Scouted at 12, part of the World Cup-winning England team and the first woman to commentate on men’s cricket, Ebony Rainford-Brent ‘s life has been marked by incredible success – yet she has experienced imposter syndrome from an early age. Here she shares her story, from her beginnings in cricket and the prejudice she had to overcome, to identifying the thinking that was holding her back, and finding ways to manage it

<p>Fed up with irrelevant, reductive finance advice, finfluencer Ellie Austin-Williams set up a channel to help young people manage their money</p>

Finance coach Ellie Austin-Williams on why we need to talk about money

When she couldn’t find any money advice that was relevant for young people – much less women – Ellie Austin-Williams decided to retrain as a finance coach and set up a content channel of her own. Four years and many thousands of followers later, she tells us about her career epiphany, why money equals empowerment, and shares simple, effective ways to get more in control of yours

Meet the money coach: from salary to savings, how to boost finances

From giving greater freedom in terms of careers and education to boosting everything from self-esteem to relationships, it’s clear that finances are key to equality. Here we explore the key issues hindering women’s economic empowerment, and effective strategies to tackle them

<p>With stats showing it affects 53 per cent of UK women, we explore the triggers and traits of imposter syndrome plus simple ways to deal </p>

Anatomy of imposter syndrome: what it is and how to handle it

Celebrities from sports stars to presenters are opening up about it, and people can experience it everywhere from work to social events, and even at the gym. But what is imposter syndrome, and how can you manage it? We deep-dive into the condition, and discover effective, expert ways to get it under control

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