‘I know a teacher responsible for 10 marriages’: Teacher’s ‘matchmaking’ story resonates with former students

Kevin McClintock’s viral TikTok video has been viewed over 21 million times

Maanya Sachdeva
Monday 01 May 2023 06:58 BST
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A teacher in the US who sat two of his students together was invited to officiate at their wedding years later.

Kevin McClintock, an educator at a private Christian school in San Diego, regularly posts “wholesome content” about his life at The Rock Academy.

On Friday (28 April), McClintock shared a real-life love story which began as a result of his class seating arrangements, adding they can “change [the] course of your whole life”.

“You sit two students together and they ‘talk’,” McClintock’s caption read.

In the video, set to “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae, the Southern California-based teacher said he noticed his students continued talking after the class.

“Years after graduation, they come back to visit you... and ask you to officiate their wedding,” he captioned the final slides of his TikTok, which has been viewed over 21 million times.

Commenting on McClintock’s video, some users said they met their partners after being seated next to each other as well.

“My new teacher sat me next to the class clown because he would ‘pay attention better’. Four years later and three kids here we are. He wanted to impress me,” one person wrote.

Another said: “A seating chart in 10th-grade history is why I am married to my husband now, thank you Mrs Asko!”

“YOU ARE A MATCHMAKER. You have the power. I knew a teacher responsible for 10 marriages,” one comment read.

Some people also revealed that these seating arrangements could become uncomfortable in the aftermath of a breakup.

“My teacher put us together and we started dating and NOW WE’RE BROKEN UP. AND SHE HASN’T CHANGED THE SEATING,” one user exclaimed.

McClintock first went viral on the social media app in 2020, after he began creating “wholesome” content as a way to connect with his students.

He now has over 2.6 million followers on TikTok.

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