Sarah Jessica Parker reveals she and husband Matthew Broderick haven’t ‘spent a night apart’ in 31 years

The two actors have been married since 1997

Amber Raiken
New York
Wednesday 05 July 2023 16:42 BST
Sarah Jessica Parker reveals she and husband haven’t ‘spent a night apart’ in 31 years

Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that she and her husband, Matthew Broderick, haven’t “spent a night apart” from each other in more than three decades.

During a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the actress, 58, recalled how she had her “first date” with Broderick on 8 March 1992. Parker went on to explain how, ever since that date, she and her partner have “been together”.

“We’ve never spent a night apart since then, with the exception of work on location,” she told Howard Stern. “Or, his mother was ill for a bit so he went to take care of her. But from that first night, we’ve never been apart.”

The Sex and The City star also said that “pretty soon into” the relationship, she felt like she was “in love” with Broderick and thought he was “really incredible”.

When Stern asked what love meant to her, Parker recalled how she “admired” Broderick before they started dating, noting that she had “loved” his work. She explained that when they got to know each other, she realised that she “liked his person very much,” before listing some of her favourite qualities about her partner.

“He’s so smart, he’s so funny, I like this choice of friends, the way he was living in New York, what was important to him, how he kind of travelled around the city,” she explained. “He was always travelling around on his bicycle, he’s been riding bikes since he was 14.”

She continued: “[He’s] really smart and really talented. And he was, I thought, so beautiful and handsome and charming.”

According to Parker, her and Broderick were “brought up in similar ways,” even though their “lives were very different”. She then pointed out another thing that they had in common: Wanting to start a family in New York.

“I love being home in New York,” she said. “I wanted to build a life here and he was born and raised in the West Village, literally, he’s never lived north of 11th Street.”

Broderick and Parker officially tied the knot in 1997, five years after their first date. They went on to welcome a son, James, 20, and twin daughters, Tabitha and Marion, 13.

Meanwhile, the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star has previously opened up about his strong connection with his wife. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live in April 2022, TV host Andy Cohen asked Broderick when he knew that Parker was “the one”.

In response, he said: “The first time I met her. I saw her walking down the street, and thought, ‘That’s it.’”

However, elsewhere in her conversation with Stern, Parker confessed that she couldn’t start dating Broderick when they first met, since they were in separate relationships at the time.

“We were both seeing other people, so it was illegal, and we stayed away from one another,” the And Just Like That star  explained. “We understood that we had to do right by the other people and break up officially.”

Last month, Parker shared a picture on Instagram of a champagne cork, to celebrate her 26th wedding anniversary.

“Happy 26th anniversary my husband,” she wrote in the caption. “That sure was a nice celebration and a real nice bottle of champagne. And a gorgeous walk home. Oh the miles we have strolled together.I love you. XOX, your SJ.”

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