Marvel star Jonathan Majors avoids any jail time for assaulting ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari

In a split verdict, the jury found the Marvel actor guilty of two counts, one of harassment and one of assault, in December 2023

Kelly Rissman
from Manhattan Criminal Court
Monday 08 April 2024 16:23 BST
CCTV shows Jonathan Majors shoving girlfriend before she chases him

Jonathan Majors was sentenced to a year in an in-person batterer intervention program in Los Angeles, California, after being convicted of one count of assaulting and harassing his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

On 8 April on the fifth floor of Manhattan Criminal Court, the Marvel star was sentenced after a jury found him guilty in December 2023 of two of four counts he had faced.

The actor must attend a 52-week in-person batterer intervention program, must continue with therapy and pay a $250 surcharge. The judge also issued a protective order for Ms Jabbari.

After listening to both sides, Judge Michael Gaffey said it seemed clear that “jail is not necessary,” adding that Majors doesn’t have a criminal history.

Both Majors and his girlfriend, Meagan Good, entered the courtroom wearing sunglasses. From his navy and beige patterned coat, he pulled a red beanie — a signature piece of Majors’ style.

Several people entered the courtroom boasting red beanies before being asked to take them off — seemingly making a shortlived statement in support of the actor. Outside the courthouse, one of the beanie-wearers told reporters, “Red is his favorite colour.”

Actor Jonathan Majors arrives with girlfriend Meagan Good for sentencing in his domestic abuse case at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City
Actor Jonathan Majors arrives with girlfriend Meagan Good for sentencing in his domestic abuse case at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City (Getty Images)

Ms Jabbari, wearing an all-pink pantsuit, gave an emotional victim impact statement.

Wiping away tears, she told the court: “He is not sorry. He has not accepted responsibility. He will do this again. He will hurt other women. This is a man who believes he is above the law.” She said he had given interviews continuing to deny the accusations, even after his December conviction.

“He remains a danger to those around him. I have seen his physical anger and he does not have control over it,” she said, telling the court that he tends to erupt in an outburst over small things, like a sarcastic comment.

“I had a career, a life and a body, all of which he has damaged,” the dancer said.

When they were dating, Ms Jabbari said, “I felt small, scared and vulnerable.” Choking up, she added, “I feel lucky to spend the first 29 years of my life never having experienced someone you love physically attack you.”

The sentencing comes just one week after a judge denied Majors’ bid to toss the guilty verdict. “As he eagerly anticipates closing this chapter, he looks forward to redirecting his time and energy fully toward his family and his art,” Majors’ lawyers in a statement in response.

Kelli Galaway, assistant district attorney, told the court, “This defendant is no longer cloaked with the presumption of innocence.” She continued, “after being convicted in this very courtroom, rather than showing contrition for his actions, the defendant decided to engage in a high powered” PR campaign, including questioning the “credibility of the fair trial he received.”

Priya Chaudhry, Majors’ lawyer, told the court: “Mr Majors maintains his innocence and plans to appeal this conviction.” She added, “This has been the most challenging year of Jonathan Majors’ life,” citing that he has lost “all employment opportunities” since his guilty verdict.

Ms Chaudhry argued that her client should be allowed to attend the program remotely, given his line of work: “We are optimistic that Mr. Majors will work in the film industry again soon.”

Although given the chance to speak in court, Majors declined to do so on Monday.

Majors also has to provide updates on his treatment. The first court date will be 13 September.

During the trial, Ms Jabbari, a dancer, offered an emotional testimony.

She told jurors that her romance with Majors began in August 2021 after meeting on the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

She said that their relationship moved “fast.” She added that he wrote her poetry and “he told me that he loved me early on, which was overwhelming, but I loved it as well.”

But by December, she noticed a shift in his behaviour. She mentioned her ex, which she said prompted Majors to yell. “It was the first time I felt scared of him,” she testified.

Throughout the trial, numerous other incidents came to light aside from the one Majors is on trial for, which a prosecutor called a “manipulative pattern” of abuse. Ms Jabbari accused Majors of hitting her in the head with his open hand, twisting her arm behind her back and squeezing her middle finger until it fractured.

Grace Jabbari leaves court after giving testimony in December
Grace Jabbari leaves court after giving testimony in December (AP)

Text messages shown in court revealed an incident in September 2022 in London. In the texts, Majors appears to admit that he had injured Ms Jabbari’s head. He then threatened to kill himself if she went to the hospital, bombshell texts revealed.

Surveillance footage also showed the actor shoving Ms Jabbari into a vehicle before pulling her out and dragging her onto the sidewalk.

Although Majors faced four counts, he was convicted of two charges in December.

After the verdict was handed down, Majors told ABC’s Good Morning America: “I was absolutely shocked and afraid.”

Following his criminal conviction, in March 2024, Ms Jabbari filed a civil lawsuit against Majors for defamation, assault and battery.

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