Deadliest US school shootings from Columbine to Texas after more than 900 gunfire incidents in 10 years

US is reeling from deadliest school shooting in a decade after gunman opened fire in Texas

Zoe Tidman
Wednesday 25 May 2022 11:35 BST
Parents seen running towards Texas school during shooting that killed 19 children

The US has been rocked by more than 900 incidents involving gunfire on school grounds in the last 10 years, Joe Biden has said.

On Tuesday, Texas was hit by the deadliest school shooting for a decade when a teenager opened fire at a primary school, killing at least 21 people including 19 children.

Until the massacre at Colorado's Columbine High School in 1999, death tolls tended to be in the single digits.

Since then, the number of school shootings where 10 or more have been killed has mounted.

Here is a look at some of the worst to shake the nation over the past decades:

Robb Elementary School, 2022

Texas primary school shooting victims Uziyah Garcia, Amerie Jo Garza, Jose Flores Jr and Xavier Javier Lopez (Manny Renfro/AP/Facebook/Family handout)

At least 19 children and two teachers -Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia - were killed in a mass shooting at a primary school in Uvalde in Texas on Tuesday.

Four of the child victims have been named so far: 10-year-old Amerie Jo Garza, 10-year-old Makenna Lee Elrod, eight-year-old Uziyah Garcia and 1-year-old Xavier Javier Lopez.

The shooter has been named as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos. The rampage ended when he was killed, apparently shot dead by police.

He first shot his grandmother, who survived, before crashing his car near Robb Elementary School and launching the rampage.

It was the deadliest school shooting in a decade - and the second deadliest ever.

Families hug outside a centre where grief counseling will be offered in Uvalde following a school shooting (AFP via Getty Images)

Santa Fe High School, 2018

Ten people were killed and 13 others injured in a massacre at Santa Fe High School in May 2018.

Among the dead were eight students and two teachers when a gunman opened fire at his high school in Houston, Texas after bursting into an art class.

The 17 year-old suspect, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, has been charged with 10 counts of capital murder and 13 of attempted murder.

A former pupil at the school, he has been found unfit to stand trial on a number of occasions and is currently ordered to stay in a mental hospital.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis has been charged over the Santa Fe High School shooting (AP)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, 2018

Three months before the Santa Fe killing, 14 students and three staff were killed at a school shooting in the small city of Parkland,Florida.

The gunman opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon in the hallway as students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were going home for the day on 14 February.

A photo display of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (Getty Images)

Nikolas Cruz, now 23, has been charged with murder. He pleaded guilty last October and is now facing a trial to decide whether he is sentenced to death or life in prison without parole.

The shooter was a former student of the school who had been expelled the year before the massacre.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nikolas Cruz pleaded guilty in October 2021 (Getty Images)

Umpqua Community College, 2015

A man killed nine people and wounded nine others at a school in Roseburg in Oregon in October, 2015.

British woman Kim Dietz, who was studying as a mature student alongside her teenage daughter, was among those killed.

Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, carried out the deadly attack before turning the gun on himself.

The killer is said to have asked victims to stand up and state their religious views before opening fire in a classroom.

Students and staff of Umpqua Community College console each other following shooting (Getty Images)

Sandy Hook, 2012

Twenty children and six staff were killed when a gunman went on the rampage at a primary school in Connecticut in December 2012.

Gunman Adam Lanza, 19, killed his own mother in her bed at their home before going to nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School to carry out the massacre. He killed himself as first responders arrived at the school.

It remains the deadliest shooting at an elementary school in US history and renwed the argument over gun control.

Mourners gather following the Sandy Hook school shooting (Getty Images)

Virginia Tech, 2007

A 23-year-old student killed 32 people on a university campus in Blacksburg , Virginia in April 2007.

More than two dozen others were wounded in what is still the deadliest school shooting in the US to date.

South Korean-born Seung-Hui Cho carried out the murders, before killing himself.

He initially shot two students in a hall of residence before going to the other end of the campus and killing 31 other people.

Mourners visit the “Hokie” stone memorial in honor of the 32 shooting victims at Virginia Tech in 2007 (AFP via Getty Images)

Red Lake High School, 2005

Five students, a teacher and security guard were killed at a mass shooting in Minnesota in March. 2005.

Jeff Weise, a 16-year-old student, also killed his grandfather and the man's companion at their home, before heading to nearby Red Lake High School.

Weise also killed himself after carrying out the slaughter, which at the time was the most deadly since Columbine.

Columbine High School, 1999

Names of the victims are seen at Columbine memorial (Getty Images)

Two students killed 12 of their peers and one teacher at a school in Colorado in April 1999.

Teenagers Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris carried out the notorious massacre before killing themselves.

The pair had also planted a number homemade bombs at the school but they failed to go off.

At the time it was the deadliest of its kind the country had seen, and ‘Columbine’ became a byword for mass school shootings.

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