AOC roasts Rudy Giuliani over his bizarre coffee venture: ‘Remember falling asleep with the TV on and waking up to the weirdest ads?’

Rudy Giuliani has started a new coffee business as he faces bankruptcy and a string of criminal charges

Katie Hawkinson
Wednesday 22 May 2024 17:30 BST
Rudy Giuliani promotes his new coffee business

Democratic Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has roasted former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani over his latest business venture: selling coffee.

Mr Giuliani – who is grappling with bankruptcy and a string of legal issues – recently launched his new business Rudy Coffee offering three styles of coffee beans.

The three variations come with tag lines such as “fighting for justice” with an image of Mr Giuliani from his time as US attorney for the Southern District of New York; “enjoying life,” with an image of a flip-flop-wearing Mr Guiliani sitting on a beach; and “America’s mayor,” with an image of a smiling Mr Giuliani holding a cup.

While former president Donald Trump has chosen to sell sneakers and bibles to cover his legal fees, his former lawyer is flogging three coffee types: “bold,” “morning,” and decaf. The bags weigh two pounds each and can be purchased for $29.99.

The coffee will begin shipping in June with the first 100 bags signed by the former mayor.

“You’re not just treating yourself to exceptional coffee, you’re also supporting our cause,” Mr Giuliani said in a new video advertisement on X.

“The cause of truth, justice, and American democracy.”

AOC, a progressive from New York, was quick to slam the ad.

Rudy Giuliani pictured advertising his new business, Rudy Coffee. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed the venture on X
Rudy Giuliani pictured advertising his new business, Rudy Coffee. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed the venture on X (Rudy Giuliani)

“Does anyone remember falling asleep with the TV on as a kid and waking up to the weirdest ads on at 2am?” AOC wrote on X.

“This and the Trump campaign are basically that except the scams are to cover the legal fees of creeps, rapists, and traitors to democracy,” she continued.

Mr Giuliani’s new business comes after he filed for bankruptcy in December.

He has subsequently missed deadlines to file financial disclosures.

Rudy Giuliani’s new coffee product, pictured, comes as he faces bankruptcy
Rudy Giuliani’s new coffee product, pictured, comes as he faces bankruptcy (Rudy Giuliani)

His bankruptcy came after being ordered to pay two election workers $148m after he pushed a baseless conspiracy that they committed fraud in the 2020 election. On Wednesday, he agreed in a court filing to never again publicly accuse the two workers of tampering with votes in the 2020 election.

While Mr Giuliani faces dire financial straits, he is also contending with a string of legal battles over his actions around the 2020 election.

The former lawyer to Donald Trump faces nine felony charges for his alleged role in an Arizona 2020 presidential election interference plot.

Two Arizona officials served him with the indictment after his 80th birthday party last week.

Rudy Giuliani sings ‘New York, New York’ at birthday before 'being served with court papers'

On Tuesday, he appeared virtually for his arraignment in Phoenix, Arizona, where he pleaded not guilty and was required to post a $10,000 bond. His trial will begin in October.

The former mayor has been charged alongside 17 others in the scheme. The Arizona indictment accuses the defendants of interfering with “the lawful transfer of the presidency of the United States, keeping President Donald J Trump in office against the will of Arizona voters, and depriving Arizona voters of their right to vote and have their votes counted.”

Prosecutors say that one month after the 2020 election, 11 Republicans supporting Mr Trump convened at the state’s GOP headquarters to sign certificates claiming the state’s electoral college votes.

The additional seven people charged, including Mr Giuliani, were included for their alleged roles in the scheme.

Ted Goodman, a spokesperson for Mr Giuliani, told The Independent the former mayor “looks forward to full vindication soon.”

This comes after he was also charged in a sprawling RICO case including Mr Trump in Georgia. Mr Giuliani has also pleaded not guilty to the charges in that case.

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