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Leigh Wood vs Josh Warrington LIVE: Results tonight after vicious KO

Re-live updates from the all-British clash in Sheffield, where Wood’s WBA featherweight title was on the line

Alex Pattle
Combat Sports Correspondent
Saturday 07 October 2023 18:05 BST
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Leigh Wood retained the WBA featherweight title with a vicious knockout of Josh Warrington on Saturday, when it looked like the champion himself was on the verge of being finished.

Wood employed a southpaw stance to good effect in the first two rounds, but Warrington – a former two-time IBF champion – began to pull ahead by getting the better of most exchanges, loading up on fierce shots and putting his opponent in trouble throughout.

Wood soon began to leak blood from a cut around his right eye, but Warrington faced his own moment of adversity when he was docked a point in Round 7 for a punch to the back of the head – having previously been warned by the referee. At that stage, few onlookers would have predicted that the penalty would affect the result, however; Warrington looked to be on course for victory, whether it be on the scorecards or inside the distance.

Yet suddenly, against the run of the action, Wood produced a stunning finish with just seconds remaining in the seventh frame, dropping the “Leeds Warrior” with a brutal combination.

Re-live updates from Wood vs Warrington and the undercard fights, below.


Wood vs Warrington LIVE: Vicious KO

Boos for Wood, who deserves more respect than that.

Wood: “It’s gotta be up there. It was a bit like my career: started off a bit rough, but we got there.

“Josh is a great fighter. Thank you to all the fans for turning out as well.

“All I can say is, I’ve got a game-changer [of a right hand].”

Alex Pattle7 October 2023 23:08

Wood vs Warrington LIVE: Vicious KO

Leigh Wood def. Josh Warrington via seventh-round TKO (3:00).

It was right at the end of the round!

Alex Pattle7 October 2023 23:05

Wood vs Warrington LIVE: Vicious KO

It was a left hook by Wood that started the finishing sequence, but he followed up with two right hooks and an extra left!

The latter of the two right hooks was the harshest blow, scraping across Warrington’s chin!

And still.

Alex Pattle7 October 2023 23:04

Wood vs Warrington LIVE: Round 7

Into the second half of this fight. Warrington is likely up, but Wood is still in it.

Three jabs in a row land for Warrington; the third is the best of the lot, snapping back Wood’s head.

Oh, wow. Warrington is docked a point for a shot to the back of the head. He was warned earlier in the fight, in fairness. For that to play a role, if the fight goes the distance, Wood will need to close the gap and win some more rounds, you’d think.

Both boxers land straight shots simultaneously. Warrington backs up Wood to the ropes and unloads a slew of body hooks.



Alex Pattle7 October 2023 23:01

Wood vs Warrington LIVE: Round 6

Wood with a hook and a cross. He then fights behind the jab, getting back to basics.

Lots of holding ensues. The boxers separate and trade jabs for some time.

More holding late in the round.

Alex Pattle7 October 2023 22:56

Wood vs Warrington LIVE

The left hook is the shot that might end this fight, if Warrington is to find a finish...

(Getty Images)
Alex Pattle7 October 2023 22:54

Wood vs Warrington LIVE: Round 5

Wood is staying in the orthodox stance for the time being.

He walks down Warrington, who – as expected – loads up on some counter shots in a bid to deter the Nottingham fighter.

Thankfully for Wood, those punches don’t land. But the next few do! Two jabs and a right cross! They got the crowd’s attention...

Wood is trickling blood from that cut, but it’s running away from his eye. Warrington steps in with a couple of mean hooks to the body.

Both men then land upstairs in a frenzied moment! This is thrilling stuff.

Alex Pattle7 October 2023 22:52

Wood vs Warrington LIVE: Round 4

Wood is back in his usual orthodox stance. He’s had a couple of worrying moments, but don’t get me wrong, he’s not been properly rocked. You can see he’s very much lucid in there.

Warrington lands a mean hook to the body. He squeezes an overhand right through Wood’s guard.

Clubbing right hand from Warrington, who then doubles up with his left hook – one to the body, one to the head. Now a couple of uppercuts in close!!

Double-jab, right hand from Warrington! Wood’s head jolts back. He needs to tighten up his defence.

Brutal left hook to the body by Warrington, who has also opened a cut around Wood’s right eye.

Great round for Warrington.

Alex Pattle7 October 2023 22:49

Wood vs Warrington LIVE: Round 3

Warrington lands a right hook in close, then unfurls a couple of lefts!! Wood winces with his back against the ropes!!

The champion is able to get into space, but he briefly looked to be in trouble there...

He’s still in a southpaw stance. Warrington with nice variety here, switching between hooks and uppercuts. Everything he throws is so fierce.

One shot goes too low, and he’s warned. The action is soon back under way, though.

More left hands land for Warrington, as Wood’s hands are low! He looked a bit like a deer in the headlights there...

The champion loads up with a hook but it’s off-target.

Warrington with more success, and Wood is holding on late in the round! He’s able to get away and land a decent straight, however.

Is Warrington edging closer to a possible finish...?

Alex Pattle7 October 2023 22:45

Wood vs Warrington LIVE: Round 2

Wood stays southpaw as the second round begins. More grappling here.

Warrington leaps in with a wide left hook, but Wood’s guard largely holds up. Hard counter left hook to the body by Wood, as Warrington rushes in!

Harsh one-two up top by Warrington, though! This is a treat. Two right hooks to the head are on point for Wood, who looks to be growing in confidence and composure.

A left hook lands now for Wood, who then has Warrington in a headlock briefly.

The boxers separate. Warrington keeps looking for the left hook to the head, but he’s better off not winging it so much; Wood can see it coming.

Good round for Wood.

Alex Pattle7 October 2023 22:40

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