Spence vs Crawford LIVE: ‘Bud’ produces masterclass before sealing stoppage win

Re-live updates from the undisputed-title fight in Las Vegas – a bout years in the making

Lawrence Ostlere
Monday 31 July 2023 17:45 BST
Exclusive look at Terence Crawford's ring gear ahead of Errol Spence Jr fight

Terence Crawford dominated Errol Spence Jr to win one of the most-anticipated boxing matches in years.

The American southpaws, both previously unbeaten, clashed to crown an undisputed welterweight champion in a bout that was years in the making. Spence, 33, carried the WBC, WBA and IBF titles into the T-Mobile Arena, while Crawford, 35, held the WBO belt, and he walked away with all four.

Crawford dominated from the second round, knocking Spence to the ground and twice flooring him in the seventh in a one-sided contest. He ended it in the ninth with a brutal flurry as the referee stepped in to confirm a TKO and underline “Bud”’s reputation as perhaps the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

Re-live updates and results from Spence vs Crawford, below.


Terence Crawford beats Errol Spence Jr – LIVE

Terence Crawford: “I’m so blessed. I only dreamed of being a world champion. I’m an overachiever. I want to thank Spence and his team, because without him none of this would be possible.”

The first to be the undisputed champion in two weight divisions.

Lawrence Ostlere30 July 2023 05:17

Terence Crawford beats Errol Spence Jr – LIVE

That was just a phenomenal performance from start to finish. Terence Crawford dismantled one of the best fighters on the planet like he was an amateur, and it really underlined his brilliance.

Lawrence Ostlere30 July 2023 05:14

Terence Crawford beats Errol Spence Jr! LIVE

Round nine

Crawford begins the ninth with a hard right jab that breaks through what’s left of Spence’s paper defence. Spence flails a combination of wild punches but Crawford absorbs them, then decides this is the round to end it. It’s a furious attack and the referee has no choice but to step in and end it.

Crawford sprints to the corner and throws his arms in the air. That was a masterclass.

Lawrence Ostlere30 July 2023 05:11

Spence vs Crawford LIVE – Main event

Round eight

The answer is yes, and the fight goes on. I’m not sure what Spence can gain from this now – he has already proved he is a gritty fighter and it seems like a big ask to get to the 12th. Crawford is proving he is the undisputed welterweight champion and perhaps the pound-for-pound king too. He is biding his time, waiting for the perfect crowning moment. Spence looks unsteady on his feet throwing punches, let alone taking them. It’s a low-key round though, and Spence will be grateful.

Lawrence Ostlere30 July 2023 05:06

Spence vs Crawford LIVE – Main event

Round seven

Spence lands a big left hand but he’s floored again by a short right counter! Brutal. He bounces on to his feet and grins, comfortably making the count, but this is surely the beginning of the end. Still, though, Spence continues to come forwards and throw punches. The problem is they are barely making an impact, and what comes back the other way is far worse. Just before the bell, Spence goes in and Crawford clubs him with another right and he’s down again! Will Spence’s corner let this go on?

Lawrence Ostlere30 July 2023 05:03

Spence vs Crawford LIVE – Main event

Round six

Both fighters come out with some energy in the sixth – Errol Spence is still here, still fighting, but he’s shaken by a big right hand. The referee tells Spence to keep his punches high, which affords him a much-needed breather. He comes again, trying to work Crawford’s body, but he’s in constant danger of walking on to the last punch of this fight. Spence survives a late uppercut and returns to his corner for another clean up.

Lawrence Ostlere30 July 2023 04:58

Spence vs Crawford LIVE – Main event

Round five

Terence Crawford senses the end could be close here, and a career-crowning knockout is in touching distance. He’s not rushing it, but every time he decides to unleash a flat left jab or counter-hook, it’s causing Spence real damage. A brutal uppercut misses by the tiniest of margins – that might have been it. Spence is battling on bravely but his face is covered in blood and he looks a little unsteady. He’s still offering a few punches but they’re not troubling Crawford.

Lawrence Ostlere30 July 2023 04:54

Spence vs Crawford LIVE – Main event

Round four

Crawford has looked utterly imperious so far. An early flurry bloodies Spence’s face in the fourth and then a feriocious left uppercut by Crawford shakes him. Another hard left connects and Spence already looks in trouble – he is walking on to them now and Crawford appears in total control. I’m not sure many people predicted this would be quite so one-sided. There’s still plenty of time to go of course, but Spence needs a total reset.

Lawrence Ostlere30 July 2023 04:50

Spence vs Crawford LIVE – Main event

Round three

Spence is clearly angered by that mistake and he comes up flailing with some wild body shots. Crawford absorbs the attack with his water-tight defence. Then comes another counter-right from Crawford, and another! His tactics are working to perfection, exploiting Spence’s low right hand when he comes forwards. Crawford lands some more telling blows, even if Spence was certainly the more aggressive in that round.

Lawrence Ostlere30 July 2023 04:46

Spence vs Crawford LIVE – Main event

Round two

The first one was probably Spence’s by account of Crawford doing not a lot. Spence begins the second in similar fashion, probing Crawford’s tight guard with his jab and offering some body shots. Finally Crawford unleashes a proper punch, countering well with a sharp right that Spence feels. It’s almost as if Crawford doesn’t want Spence to know what he’s got just yet... and suddenly he fires another and Spence is down! What a shot from nowhere from Crawford, crashing a counter-right hand to the left temple and sending Spence to the canvas. Wow. Spence shakes it off and makes it to the end of the round.

Lawrence Ostlere30 July 2023 04:42

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