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UK weather – latest: Snow and ice warnings as Brits warned conditions ‘worse rather than better’

Saturday and Sunday slapped with fresh set of alerts for snow and ice

Shweta Sharma,Eleanor Noyce
Saturday 11 March 2023 18:23 GMT
Cars stranded on motorway as M62 at standstill following heavy snow

Britain has been warned of more snow and ice this weekend after temperatures plummeted to -10C overnight.

Conditions are “actually going to get worse rather than better”, said Andrew Page-Dove of the National Highways, as there is risk of freezing rain on the roads after Storm Larisa.

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for snow and ice which cover large swathes of the country.

Met Office meteorologist Matthew Box said rain, sleet and snow will push northeast across the country during the weekend, likely falling on the hills and mountains of the Pennines, the Cumbrian vales and some parts of Scotland.

But added snowfall would be “nothing to the same extent as what we saw on Thursday”.

It comes after persistent snowfall caused “absolute carnage” on the M62 trans-Pennine motorway on Friday.

Storm Larisa brought with it “treacherous conditions”, with 50mph winds and up to 40cm of snow forecast in some areas.


What will the weather be like over the weekend?

The wintry conditions will be easing over most of the UK this weekend, though a quick return to colder conditions is a likely reality for many.

Over the coming days, the Met Office’s Chief Forecasters anticipate changes to the pattern of National Severe Weather Warnings.

Jason Kelly, Chief Forecaster, stated:

“The worst of the snowfall in England is over for now, but further weather warnings will be in force to cover the further hazards brought by frost and ice.”

But what will the weather be like this weekend?

“During the early hours of Saturday a weather front will bring warmer air in from the South West to extend across most parts of the UK during Sunday”, Mr Kelly continues.

“As we have seen over the last few days, the influence of this warm and moist air from the South West will bump into the cold air bringing a risk of further snowfall on the leading edge for a time. However, it will also bring heavy rainfall for many as it moves across the UK.

“This could bring transient snow for an hour or two to areas like Northern Ireland and North Wales before extending into the higher elevations of northern England and Scotland.”

Eleanor Noyce10 March 2023 22:30

When do schools have to close due to snow?

A second severe weather warning for “persistent, heavy” snow has been issued as the UK recorded the coldest March night for 13 years.

The Met Office warned of significant disruption to transport, power lines and phone network coverage, with the amber alert in place until 9am Friday covering large parts of Wales and the West Midlands. Flood alerts are also in place across the southern coast of England and North Wales.

It follows earlier alerts of blizzard conditions across central and northern England, with warnings that parts of the UK could see up to 40cm of snow.

Wednesday marked the coldest March night since 2010, as temperatures in Altnaharra in the Scottish Highlands dropped to minus 16C overnight.

Read more:

When do schools close due to snow?

New amber warning for heavy snow issued as the UK recorded the coldest March night for 13 years

Eleanor Noyce10 March 2023 23:00

What is an Arctic blast?

As the UK continues to be swept by a period of cold weather, some regions - including the Lake District - have experienced up to 40cm of snow.

The cold spat has been attributed towards an “Arctic blast” moving across the UK, defined by the US National Weather Service as “very cold air masses that typically originate in the Siberian Region of Asia, cross over the North Pole into Canada and push south and east into the lower United States.”

One memorable spat of cold weather - dubbed the “Beast from the East” - took Great Britain and Northern Ireland by force in February 2018. With unusually low temperatures and heavy snowfall, sudden stratospheric warming brought a change in direction of the jet streams hitting the UK.

Instead of moving from west to east, the streams moved from east to west. This resulted in a freezing polar air mass sweeping across the UK from Russia.

The current cold spell has been likened to the original “Beast from the East” since it is also an example of sudden stratospheric warming.

Eleanor Noyce10 March 2023 23:30

RAC issues warning to drivers as cold weather continues

Though the wintry conditions will slowly ease over the weekend, the cold weather appears set to return with a vengeance next week.

RAC has reminded drivers to practice safety as the cold weather continues.

RAC Breakdown spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Wintery conditions are far from over so drivers need to stay aware of the risks posed by a continuation of cold weather. Many roads are likely to be slippery as result of low overnight temperatures affecting surfaces that remain wet from either snow or rain this week, while fresh snowfall may affect isolated, upland routes.

“We urge drivers to keep a close eye on the weather forecast and heed any warnings, and to set out fully prepared – this means always having a winter coat and extra layers of clothing in the car, as well as food and drink, a mobile phone power bank and phone charging cable to hand.”

Eleanor Noyce11 March 2023 00:01

How to keep warm during the cold weather

As snow and ice continue to sweep the UK, keeping warm is a priority.

The body needs to be kept at a core temperature of 37C to stay healthy, and rooms should be heated to a minimum of 18C.

Energy prices are soaring, but the Red Cross has issued some tips on how to keep warm this winter:

“Wearing lots of layers rather than one thick piece of clothing will help to trap your body heat and keep you warmer. Thermal underwear and clothing, and hot water bottles are an inexpensive way to stay warmer for longer. You can also keep your feet warm with thick socks and slippers.

“Make sure you eat healthily and drink plenty of hot drinks throughout the day. Avoid alcohol - it prevents your blood vessels from constricting and you’ll begin to lose body heat.

“It’s also important to avoid sitting still for long periods of time - move around and keep as active as possible. This will help boost your circulation and keep you warm.”

To keep your home warm, it advises:

-Opening your curtains during the day

-Using a draught excluder

-Moving furniture away from external walls

-Insulating the floor with rugs

-Avoiding condensation on windows.

Eleanor Noyce11 March 2023 01:00

Martin Lewis’ 4 tips for keeping warm without turning the heating on

In case you missed it...

Martin Lewis has shared his helpful tips for staying warm this winter without having to resort to putting the heating on.

The Money Saving Expert’s comments come as nine out of 10 UK adults report that their living costs have increased in the last three months due to rising energy bills and food prices.

In an episode of his ITV programme from November, The Martin Lewis Money Show, Lewis said his team had carried out research on ways to “heat the human and not the home”.

“It was really depressing, the fact that we needed to do it because of the way energy prices were going and the way some people wouldn’t be able to turn their central heating on,” Lewis said.

“As it turned out the research that we did has been really useful, not just for people who are in desperate states... but for many who just want to reduce their central heating.

Read more:

Martin Lewis’ 4 tips for keeping warm without turning the heating on

The Money Saving Expert recommends ‘small electrical items for heating the person’

Eleanor Noyce11 March 2023 02:00

Conditions to be ‘worse rather than better’

Temperatures in rural areas across the UK could drop as low as -10 overnight across the UK, with more snow expected on higher ground across the weekend.

Andrew Page-Dove of the National Highways said weather conditions will deteriorate and conditions will get “worse rather than better”.

“We’ve got some very cold weather overnight. We’ve got the risk of potentially freezing rain and then more snow tomorrow,” he said.

“But we will be continuously out there treating the roads and our intention is to keep the M62 open. We have well-rehearsed plans which we execute every time we have these types of events.”

Shweta Sharma11 March 2023 04:35

Met office warning for today

The new warning by the Met office said:

Cloud and rain spreading northeast, turning to snow over high ground of the west, and to low levels further north during the evening. Cold, but becoming much milder for the west and southwest.


Rain, sleet and snow move northeast with clear spells following from the west. Snow to low levels in the north but this short-lived across central areas. Milder in the southwest.

Shweta Sharma11 March 2023 05:30

UK weather: Conditions to ‘get worse rather than better’, National Highways official warns

A new warning for snow, ice and sleet was extended for northern England on Saturday, with a National Highways official warning conditions could get “worse rather than better”.

The Met Office has yellow warnings in place covering large swathes of the UK after Storm Larisa battered areas with gales and blizzards.

The weather agency said clouds and rain will spread northeast across the UK and bring more snow over the high ground of the west and further north during the evening.

Weather to get ‘worse than better’, National Highways official warns

Met Office has yellow warnings for large swathes of the UK after Storm Larisa

Shweta Sharma11 March 2023 05:48

La Nina ends, leaving behind a trail of deadly storms

After a three-year-long run, La Nina, a weather phenomenon characterised by the cooling of Pacific Ocean waters, has come to an end.

However, the southeast United States, particularly Louisiana, has been left scars from the severe weather events that occurred during its reign.

Read the top 10 deadly storms that hit the Southeast United States during La Nina’s run:

La Nina ends, leaving behind a trail of deadly storms

Studies show climate change has intensified weather extremes worldwide

Shweta Sharma11 March 2023 06:30

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