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The 10 Best travel DVDs


1. Encounters at the End of the World

£10.99, hmv.com

Director Werner Herzog comes up trumps in this documentary about the polar explorers of the National Science Foundation Station.

2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


A car-boot full of narcotics and a search for the American dream in Las Vegas with Hunter S Thompson.


3. Y Tu Mama Tambien

£11, zavvi.com

Two teenagers meet an older woman at a wedding in Mexico City in 1999 and they set off on a trip through the Mexican countryside to find a mythical beach.


4. The Motorcycle Diaries

£19.99, moviemail-online.co.uk

How Ernesto Guevara became Che, and every teenager's favourite rebel, in this tale of political awakening and his four-month, 8,000km trip across South America.


5. Mosquito Coast

£10.99, overstock.com

A brilliant inventor drags his wife and son to the Central American jungle for a new life of simplicity. Alas, nature, a local preacher and a small rebel army have other ideas.


6. The Darjeeling Limited

£9.99, amazon.co.uk

Although this film is nominally about three brothers on a train journey across India, the real star of Wes Anderson's film is the jaw-dropping Indian countryside.


7. Around the World in 80 Days

£16.99, ukdvdsonline.com

Michael Palin follows Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg and attempts to circle the world in 80 days using only the modes of transport available to Verne's fictional explorer.


8. Lost in Translation

£10.99, play.com

Essentially a boy-meets-girl film set in Japan. Only the boy and girl in question are married – to different people – and the boy is about 50 years old.


9. The Painted Veil

£17.79, thehut.com

The loneliness and disconnection of the life of a foreigner far from home is well-sketched in this adaptation of Somerset Maugham's tale of love gone wrong in 1920s China.


10. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

£19.99, thehut.com

Mississippi in the 1920s replaces the Greece archipelago and the protagonists are criminals, not kings, but you can still trace the bones of Homer's The Odyssey.