Planning to make a warming casserole? These funky boards are ideal for getting to grips with all that meat and veg prep

1. Joseph Joseph Rinse and Chop

When folded and locked, it creates a small colander at one end, so food to be rinsed and drained. Once opened, it's a knife-friendly, non-slip chopping board. Then, when you're finished, fold and lock it again to create a chute for pouring into the pan. Genius.


2. Joseph Joseph Index Advance

The latest version of Joseph Joseph's award-winning chopping board categorisation system looks fantastic on the work surface and is space-saving. The colour-coded boards avoid cross-contamination and each has an anti-slip surface.


3. The Pampered Chef Flexible Mats

This set of three mats is great for light preparation tasks, as well as being flexible for funnelling food into pans or the bin. Each is colour-coded so you can quickly switch mats to avoid cross-contamination.


4. Marimekko Kompotti Onion Chopping Board

This is just one of several quirky and colourful boards designed by Aino-Maija Metsola, with others including apple and mushroom shapes. Its looks aren't its only forte – it can also be used for serving fruit, bread or cheeses.


5. The OCD Chef Chopping Board

This sturdy beech board has a definite nod to the "if a job's worth doing" school of thought. Even the most pernickety of cooks will be content with the precision of their chopping, whether it's vegetables, fruit or meat.


6. Eddingtons Reversible Maple

Not many of us are willing to shell out quite so much on a chopping board, but it is one will that last a lifetime. Made from naturally abundant, non-endangered North American hard woods including birch and maple, it's professional grade, chip-resistant, unbelievably durable and easy to grip.


7. Mustard Splash

This new chopping board isn't just fun to look at – the a practical design ensures a stable surface by allowing it to align with the edge of your counter. The vertical drip is removable so it can become a flat worktop-saver, too.


8. Lakeland Wooden Chop and Collect

The handy plastic tray attaches via magnets on one side of this naturally hygienic bamboo board, so that chopped food can be collected for easy transfer to your pan or plate. Alternatively, simply slip the plate under the lip of the other end of the board to scrape food on to.


9. AGA Cookshop Carving Board

AGA fanatics will love the shape and handle of this board, which mimics that of the AGA insulating lid. Made from beech wood, it's dual sided – one side is flat for chopping and cutting, whilst the other has a spiked ring and juice groove for carving meat.


10. Top Gourmet Chopping Board

The natural wood-fibre composite material of this chopping board means it's knife-friendly and will not harbour bacteria. It's also heat-resistant, ridiculously durable and dishwasher-safe.